PTO Meeting Minutes, September 8, 2016

September 11, 2016  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

September 8, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

Rogers Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Diania Maisonneuve, Heather Short, Ken Patillo, Kylene Nungesser, Antino Kim, Abe Carney, Ann Ames, Kim Van Lue, Alicia Dickens, Cindy Lee, Heather Heerssen, Jennifer Anderson, Mark Conrad, Jaimie Schwartzman, So Young Yun, Kwang Tae Lee, Monique Morgan, Lao Liu, Dorota Kudla-Ubralieuiu

President Kelly Fleming opened the meeting at 6:37 by welcoming everyone. The board members introduce themselves, & Kelly laid out the agenda, and reminded everyone that there is child care during PTO meetings.

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Patillo

The year-ending May 2016 income & expense statements were handed out. Ken reminded everyone that some things that would seem like income (ie: a fundraiser) may also be in the expense column because there are costs associated with the event. The last page of the packet was the proposed budget for 2016-2017.  Budgeted for this year was all of last year’s ending balance. Excess funds went into the discretionary fund for teacher supply requests & ad hoc requests.  Outreach items, including the school directory, teacher appreciation, student assistance, and welcome coffees were also included in the budget. The Teachers’ Classroom Fund gives teachers gift cards 2 times per year for spending on items they need for the classroom.

A motion was made by Kelly Fleming to approve the budget. All in attendance approved.

Teacher Representative Reports

Rogers – Sara Deckard

Working on beginning of year routines & procedures, friendship & rapport
Conducting benchmark assessments
Literacy- Chicka Chicka Boom unit to emphasize letters and sounds
Math- Number identification, recognizing, writing and counting to 20
Peden Farm Field Trip morning of Friday Sept 30th

First Grade
Language Arts:
1.  Reading comprehension and reading levels
2.  Blending sounds to create words
3.  Writing – Upper/Lower case letters, writing in complete sentences using noun, pronouns, verbs, capitalization, punctuation, spelling

1.   Number Sense: counts, reads, writes numbers to 120 by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s. Also can count on from any given number (example: start at 54 and count by 1’s, start at 70 and count by 5’s, or start at 63 and count by 10’s).
2.  Organizing and reading data from graphs
3.  Fluency with addition/subtraction facts
4.  Solve and create story problems

Second Grade

Assessments for benchmark levels in math & literacy.

Science- We have a cool science program scheduled. In addition to our regular science curriculum Slisa Pokral from The District Where Green Living Begins , will be coming once a month to each class for an hour to do a free presentation about how to take better care of the earth and animals. It will be a different topic each month.


Binford – Crystal Timbrook


  • Busy getting the year started. Lots of community building activities & assessments to learn about our kids as people & students.
  • New math curriculum to explore & learn. This program takes a very hand on approach to learning math concepts & utilizes lots of math games & learning stations

Third Grade

  • Main idea, text features, fluency
  • Enjoying exploring new math curriculum & learning new routines & approaches to thinking about math concepts

Fourth Grade

  • We’ve been working on fluency, expository text features, text structures, personal narratives, & multiplication facts.
  • We’re wrapping up our first math unit in Bridges, and we started Number Corner this month. This is a math problem that builds upon itself every day of the month. A more grown up version of Calendar time in the lower grades.
  • We’ve scheduled our Honey Creek trips for October/November.
  • Author Scott Russell Sanders will soon visit two classrooms to help students learn about Indiana history through his picture books.
  • We’re all hoping to schedule our walking field trip to Wylie House soon.

Fifth Grade

  • Science: Bottle Rockets launch next week
  • Social Studies: States & Capitals
  • Reading: Fluency
  • Writing: personal narratives
  • Math: Factors, multiples, area & volume
  • Bradford Woods – October 26-28

Sixth Grade

  • October 7th – hosting their 6th annual Greek Day Celebration. This event will be a daylong reenactment in celebration of the students’ research & September study of the culture of Ancient Greece. The students will play the roles of ancient Greeks in several different scenarios and simulations throughout the course of the day’s celebration. Students will dress to match the Greek clothing they will be learning about in History Class, & creating.


Thanks to funding and profits from our two Book Fairs, the kids are enjoying lots of new books this year!


  • 3rd: Students are creating art with geometric and organic shapes. Their next standard is VALUE with color. We will change blue to lighter values in an ocean picture.
  • 4th: Students are creating #D forms (rectangular prisms & cylinders) with VALUE created with pencil shading in a landscape picture. The next project will be creating VALUE with paint.
  • 5th: VALUE is investigated by creating Tint, Tone & Shade with paint
  • 6th: VALUE is investigated through the skill of pencil Gradation. The gradual lights and darks create the illusion of 3 dimensional art.


  • Wednesday, September 21st, 6th grade choir starting after school. Note going home late this week & early next week.
    • Some of theses choir members will be performing in 2 performances of the children’s opera “Brundibar” composed & rearranged during WWII in Germany
  • Saturday, November 5, Interested MCCSC 4th Graders are performing at the Farmer’s Market. This is a district-wide event arranged by our elementary music teacher PLC
  • The Music Room is receiving a new Roland piano through the generous donation of the Narducci Family. There will be a plaque honoring Sandy Hertling (Heather’s mom & previous wonderful music teacher at Binford)
  • Recorders for 4th graders will soon be resounding at Binford! Note to go home with 4th graders next week.


We have a student teacher, Aaron Binford this year. He is a past student from Binford, & will be here for 8 weeks.

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad

Enrollment is up to ~380 students, which is the highest in his 10 years.  There are some new teachers in the building: Jessica Lowry & Jennifer Walker are both 1st grade teachers, Dawn Kalis is teaching music part-time, and Catherine Lopez is the new librarian.

Friday, Sept 16, 50+ workers from IU’s Day of Service will be on the grounds building Active Play Stations. This will give the students an opportunity to have more options during recess.

Monday, Sept 26 is Rogers picture day

Thursday, Sept 29 is 1st Grade Vision Testing

2nd graders who have been identified to be high ability will be tested NWEA program. If your child has been identified, there will be a letter sent home. If not, don’t worry, you still have great kids!

Binford – Jennifer Anderson

New principal to Binford, glad to be back after being assistant principal 2 years ago at Binford, and coming over from Tri-North as assistant principal there. Her kids went to Binford as well, so she feels like she’s back home.

Strings is starting up next week.

Friday, September 9 is picture day, 3rd graders will be first, so that they can have their pictures before recess!

NWEA testing for 4th & 5th graders coming up, IN-VIEW for 3rd & 6th graders will be at the end of September (26-30).

There are some renovations & additions taking place at Binford. There will be a new elevator installed at the school. The gym’s floor and bleachers will be repaired and renewed. They are working on making a special education suite in the school.

Committee Reports

Chess Club- PTO used to handle the money for the after school accounts of the Chess Club. We will no longer be handling their money.

Also, any out-of-school club, volunteer or for profit, moving forward, using school rooms will have to carry insurance and will be charged a facility use fee of $28/hour for classrooms. Gym fees are different, but the gym is already booked for the year. Organizations such as 503c’s may have a different fee, or fees waived.

Outdoor Track Update – Track fundraiser raised $54,000, of which ~$11,000 is left. This is not included in the budget, but is left in a separate account with the school, and will be used for track beautification, & upkeep, as well as adding signage to indicate when the track is open to the public (not during school hours, for the students’ safety), benches and completing the final pieces. IU will also be donating 2 benches for the track.

Chili Supper Update – November 4th is the supper. The committee is hard at work. Sign-ups for volunteers will be out in the near future. In the past, there has been a silent auction, that the individual classes put together baskets for, and there have been hot dogs, & macaroni & cheese in addition to chili.

We will need volunteers for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, and Recycling in the future.

PTO meetings are 1x/month, on the first Thursday @ 6:30 PM. One hour of child care is provided!

Important Dates:

Sept 20th: Dine & Donate – Chick-Fil-A

Sept 21st: 6th grade choir begins

Sept 26th : Rogers Picture Day

Sept 26th-30th: 3rd & 6th Grade In-View Assessments

Sept 29th: 1st grade vision testing

Sept 30: Kindergarten to Peden Farm

Oct 6th: PTO Meeting at Binford Library

Oct 7th: 6th grade Greek Day Celebration

Oct 7th: End of 9 week grading period

Oct 10-11: Fall Break


Meeting was adjourned at 7:02 PM

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