PTO Meeting Minutes, November 3, 2016

November 14, 2016  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

November 3, 2016

Rogers Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Diania Maisonneuve, Heather Short, Ken Patillo, Kylene Nungesser, Heather Weatherbee, Jennifer Anderson, Mark Conrad, Sara Deckard, Heather Heerssen, Amy Stolberg, Ann Ames, Caree Jent, Lacy Kantor & Aubrey Kantor

President Krista Johns opened the meeting at 6:32 PM by welcoming everyone.

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Patillo

This was a simple accounting month. We have the Welcome Coffee receipts. There was $109.82 in invoices from the last month. A couple of invoices from Noodlefest are starting to show up.

We deposited, cleared & sent all monies associated with the Chess Club to them. We will no longer be processing Chess Club checks. With that completion, checks will no longer be coming through the PTO for any school clubs or organizations.

Teacher Representative Reports

Rogers – Sara Deckard

JoAnn Hutsell, who was a 2nd grade teacher (retired) at Rogers for 25 years passed away 6 months ago. Past students, staff & retried staff donated money, around $650, to purchase a bunch of new books for the library in her name. Look for the ‘In Memoriam’ stickers in your kid’s library books.


They just wrapped up their Fire Safety unit. Each class walked over to Fire Station #4.

Science – Worked on a pumpkin life cycle, counting seeds, measuring, and predicting. They planted seeds in the courtyard, and will watch the pumpkins grow.

STAR – doing vowel practice; finished with short vowels and are starting work on long vowels. Also working on CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words.

Math – working on comparing numbers (greater than, less than), and comparing 2D and 3D shapes. They are also working on objects being inside, outside, between, etc. They are also working on reading & recognizing number words.

Real Men Read program has started. Men from the community come in and read a story to the class. Each member of the class gets a copy of the book to take home with them.

The kids are really enjoying the new playground activities and updates from IU Health Service. They are loving playing with the trucks, diggers, dry erase boards, and many other new items.

First Grade

They are starting to work on their pilgrim unit. Some of the classes just finished publishing their first stories. They wrote personal narratives, and had parents come in for author celebration with the children.

Second Grade

Language Arts – They are working on using context clues and decoding multisyllabic words,

Math – Just finished up unit on telling time. They are working on adding and subtracting using a number line now.

1st and 2nd grade reading clubs are working on poems to read for the Friday November 11th Veteran’s Day assembly.  

Binford – Heather Weatherbee

A big thank you to the PTO from Mrs. Hamilton, librarian. Author Jon Wertheim – is coming to visit both Binford and Childs on Friday, December 2nd. We are currently working out the details. Thank you for sponsoring!!

Third Grade

Writing – working on informational pieces

Reading- Looking at theme and author’s point of view

Math – Working on multiplication and division strategies

Looking forward to the Penny Harvest Celebration taking place in early December

Fourth Grade

Writing- Working on descriptive pieces

Reading – Looking at author’s point of view and figurative language

Math – They are moving on to understanding fractions

Honey Creek visits have finished, and the final Wylie House trips are occurring this week

Mrs. Weatherbee will be holding a book sale next Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, Nov. 9-11, to raise money to purchase toys for underprivileged kids.

Fifth Grade

Writing- Working on figurative language

Reading – comparing & contrasting themes

Math- Advanced class is converting decimals, fractions and percent. Homerooms are working on adding & subtracting fractions

Sixth Grade

Language Arts – Working on argumentative writing and reading Book 2 in the Island series

SS- Learning about Roman People

Science – Learning about energy

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad

First, I’d like to recognize our teacher’s for the job they’ve done first quarter. We really have a solid staff that’s a lot tighter this year. We had an impromptu get together to make a video for a teacher who’s out. It was really neat to see everyone come together and mesh. They’re a great squad so it’s fun to have them all around.

This year we will be sending a nomination form home to parents to nominate for our MLK Legacy award. In the past, teachers and staff have nominated people, but this year we are opening it up to families to nominate people too. Nominee forms will go out in the blast in December, so that we can have everything finalized in January to give the award out.

Cardinal Stage Company is putting on Oliver this year. With multiple different resources and a parent who stepped in and gave a huge chunk of money, we are going to be able to attend as a whole school this year, right before the holidays.

Binford – Jennifer Anderson

Dec 5-9 Book Fair at Binford

Third & Sixth grade CSI test scores will be coming back next week sometime. Mrs. Anderson will be getting the results of the assessment to parents in a letter before Thanksgiving break.

Flu Clinic November 10th is happening for students.

Committee Reports

Noodlefest Update-

It’s happening tomorrow! 5:30-7:30

Food available from 5:30-7:00. Penne pasta, various sauces, Mac & cheese, bread sticks!

5:30-7:15 silent auction -Lots of baskets, really nice baskets, music in auditorium, Caricatures, anonymous bidding, $5 to get in for food

Thank you for all of the people who have signed up to serve food.

Next year, maybe have smaller sized baskets, some of the baskets are worth $300, and one is over $700.

It was asked, “Can we have a systematic way for people to pay for and pick up their basket, so we know who gets what, and that everything is paid for?” We discussed this & have figured out a way to make sure the baskets are not removed from the tables before they are paid for. The baskets will be numbered, making the process easier.

Recycle & more-

We are coordinating extra bins and signage for Noodlefest. Everything we’re using can be recycled, just need to scrape food first. There will be extra large trash cans to put food waste and scraps in, and everything else will be recycled, in theory! We plan on putting gently used school supplies in teachers lounge soon.

New Business

Honeybaked Ham (Nov/Dec fundraiser) – this fundraiser pretty much runs itself. It is an online ordering for gift cards. 20% of Gift Card purchases come back to the school. The gift card can go towards Honeybaked Ham, Turkey, sides, sandwiches, anything there. It is also not a local campaign, so our link can be shared with family & friends from out of state, and if purchased, 20% will still come back to Rogers Binford.

Track Signage – We are looking at getting two different signs, one sign in each of the schools’ colors.  The signs will include Donated by the students of Rogers Binford, distance, & hours of operation. There were two bid options, one was $2500 for signs like we currently have at the school, the other bid was for aluminum signs, and the cost was more like $200. The principals will meet with Krista Johns to make a final decision, but the aluminum signs were looking like the popular choice.

Spirit wear – forms were sent in the blast and also were sent in folders to take home. The spirit wear is all being made locally, and can be turned around in a couple of weeks. This means they can be ready for the holidays to give as gifts.

A question was asked, “Can we get new Binford class t-shirts for all of the 3rd grade students? Possibly an updated one in 5th grade? It’s nice to have one for each student”. We’d also need to have extras with the secretary for students coming in new to school during the year. It was discussed that maybe we can get a sponsor, and each 3rd & 5th grade class would get shirts. “It’s great for school unity, and is good publically to show school pride when we do an awesome field trip”.

Currently, Kindergarten gets one at the beginning of their year. Rogers uses funds out of their Chili fund proceeds or interest income each year to purchase the shirts. They set aside money so that they can be purchased. Rogers uses My Sports Locker to get the K shirts. It was also mentioned that maybe we could get a business to sponsor the t-shirts.

A motion to approve the minutes from last month was made by Caree Jent, and seconded by Heather Heerssen.

The Meeting was adjourned by Krista Johns at 7:15 PM.

Important Dates:

11/4 Noodlefest

11/8 Election Day – No School

11/9-11/11 Mrs. Weatherbee’s book sale

11/10 Flu Shot Clinic for Students

11/11 Rogers Veteran’s Day Celebration

11/21-11/25 Thanksgiving Break – No School

12/1 PTO Meeting 6:30 – Binford Library

12/5-12/9 Binford Book Fair

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