PTO Meeting Minutes, October 6, 2016

November 14, 2016  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

October 6, 2016

Binford Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Diania Maisonneuve, Heather Short, Ken Patillo, Kylene Nungesser, Heather Heerssen, Denny Garl, Crystal Timbrook, Jen Anderson, Ann Ames, Kristi Chaveas

President Kelly Fleming opened the meeting at 6:35 by welcoming everyone.

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Patillo

There’s a new free QuickBooks system, and Ken decided it didn’t have the functions we needed, so he’s made the treasurer’s report in Excel, so it’s a slightly different format than in previous years.

Fundraisers are in the income category, there are budgeted items in the expenses category. The difference becomes discretionary income in the next year

The current report is for the Fiscal year starting from Aug. 1, 2016 through Oct. 6, 2016. There was $1468 in income, & $9420 in expenses. Most of the expenses were the Chili Supper proceeds from last year that have just been distributed to the principals ($9,108). The rest of the expenses were nickel & dime stuff.

Kelly Fleming brought up that the PTO Board is discussing distributing the Chili Supper proceeds to the principals right away, after the supper, from this year forward, instead of waiting until the following year to do so.

Teacher Representative Reports

Rogers – Denny Garl

Cindy Creek, co-teacher of the Creek-Love multi-age classroom is battling breast cancer. Please keep her in your thoughts as she goes through chemo and recovery. She is out for her treatments, and when all goes well, she plans on returning in January.

All grades are assessing, getting ready for report cards & upcoming conferences


Just finished working on their Farm Unit, and went to Peden Farm. The kids all had a great time, and they barely beat the rain!

Next they’re starting on their Fire Unit, and each class will walk to the 3rd Street Fire Station when they are finished the unit.

First Grade

No report

Second Grade

Science –working on  Air & weather, and some are working on a leaf unit. This unit looks at ‘Why do leaves appear to change color?’, as well as classifying different types of leaves.

Letter Club for Kindergarten and Reading Club for 1st & 2nd grades have started. These are small groups who need extra help, or an extra boost in working on letters and reading, and they meet for ½ hour/day. Important referendum resources pay for literacy coaches, and reading preventionists, so that we can have these programs.

Binford – Crystal Timbrook

Third Grade

ELA – working on Non-fiction text features, finishing up working on asking questions and describing characters. They are getting ready to work on comparing the themes, settings, and plots of stories written by the same author.

Math– Students are using multiplication & division strategies. Not fact memorization but getting to the methods behind it. Use a variety of place value strategies to solve single-digit multiplication problems.

Fourth Grade

Honey Creek and Wylie House Field Trips are getting started; each class goes one at a time. *Please see Principals notes about being a volunteer for these trips, and the steps that need to be taken to go as a chaperone.

ELA – Using text features to gain meaning from text and identify text structure.

Math– Using a variety of place value strategies to solve multi-digit multiplication problems. 

Fifth Grade

Doing Bradford Woods prep for upcoming trip – Wednesday, Oct. 26 – Friday, Oct. 28

ELA– Identify the author’s point of view and compare and contrast stories in the same genera.

Math– Solving real world problems involving the addition and subtraction of fractions, multiplication of fractions, or division of fractions. Using long division, & standard algorithms. They are mastering strategies moving on.

Sixth Grade

Greek Day tomorrow Oct 7. Last couple of weeks this has been the focus of study.

Music –4th grade students (optional) will be participating at Farmer’s Market Nov 5th, @ 9:30AM.

5th Grade is using Legos to learn about sequencing.

Library – Author Visit – John Wertheim, “The Rookie Bookie” looking for a proposal to split it with Childs and is asking for funding from the PTO. ~$1300 if solo, ~$650 if split with Childs. This program will be for 4th & 5th graders unless he can speak to a larger audience, and then it will be expanded to other grades.


Mr. Shepherd said goodbye to his student teacher, Mr. Binford as he finished his teaching rotation, but he will be coming in to celebrate Greek Day, as he was a Binford student, and did Greek Day himself as a student.

Principal’s Report


Oct 18 report cards come home

Oct 28 Roger’s rescheduled picture day

Binford – Jennifer Anderson

Field Trips are underway. Volunteer forms need to be in if parents want to come. This process takes 5-7 days of lead time from the time they are submitted. This background process needs to be completed once per year. To do it, the parents need to go into the school and present your ID to the office. The school pays for this level of ID check.

Picture re-take October 24. Pictures will be going out next week sometime.

Jackie Robinson life skill this month is “Effort”

Last month the life skill was “Problem Solving” – 41 students were nominated last month. Students can nominate each other, and teachers can nominate students, etc.

Oct 18 report cards will come home

Oct 27 is Food Day. Food Day is a celebration of healthy food. IU Health & Ivy Tech culinary group will come in and each student will have the chance to try the foods they prepare. This year’s theme is “Oh my gosh, it’s squash!”. There will be two different types of squash, one sweet and one savory. The students will vote on which recipe they like better. IU Health and Ivy Tech will then see if they can use the recipe and  incorporate it into next year’s school lunches.

Committee Reports

Chili Supper – “Noodlefest” Friday November 4. Determining what the silent auction will be doing. Art or baskets? Need to clarify expectations/dates to turn-in/sign-up sheet, so that teachers know what is needed of the classes to make the auction items.

Directory update – the data entry is all done. We now need to review with teachers & admins to make sure the lists are complete and correct. We will also add the room parent’s names in the coming weeks. Then it will go to print.

Recycling – they have a huge amount of school supplies for the schools that they have earned through recycling. They have to give the supplies out, and need to figure out how/where to disperse it at each school.

Jennifer Jaffe needs clothing donations for Rogers. Anything that will fit K-2. Shoes too.

Costume collection for kids who need them. We will send these needs out in the news blast next week.

New Business

2017 Slate openings

Read-A-Thon – We will be doing this fundraiser again next year.  We need volunteers to run it.

Activities Fair – Robin Hudson is moving & Kara Johnson is moving on to middle school, so we need new chairs.

Please volunteer of help think of people who can!

Coffee donated from PTO for both school’s staffs for end of marking period

We are looking into doing Honey Baked Ham “dine & donate” with gift cards for holiday hams/orders. HBH gives 20% back to the school from gift card sales.

Signs for track – Looking into MCP and other sign companies for adding two signs around the track. The signs will show when the track was established, who donated it, hours of operation, etc. We also need to add a doggy post with bags so people can clean up after their dogs. Deserted dog droppings have increased drastically since the track has been finished, and there’s been a lot of shoe scraping…

Ann Ames is our new website guru. She has updated our PTO website, and gotten it back up to snuff, as it hasn’t been updated in around 3 years. She’s looking to update the look, into a new blog-type format, making it more user friendly. It is linked to our PTO FaceBook page and to Twitter. Our PTO website is also linked from the school’s website.

A motion to approve the minutes was made by Heather Heerssen, and seconded by Kelly Fleming.

Important Dates:

10/18 Report Cards go home

10/24 Binford Picture re-take day

10/26 Dine & Donate @ Panera

10/26-10/28 Bradford Woods – 5th grade

10/27 Food Day

10/28 Rogers Picture Day

11/3 PTO Meeting – 6:30 Rogers Library

11/4 Chili Supper

11/5 Binford music students singing at Farmer’s Market @ 9:30AM

11/8 Election Day – No school

The meeting was adjourned by Kelly Fleming at 7:12PM.

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