PTO Meeting Minutes, January 12, 2017

January 25, 2017  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

January 12, 2017

Rogers Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Ken Pattillo, Kylene Nungesser, Diania Maisonneuve, Heather Short, Crystal Timbrook, Jennifer Anderson, Sara Deckard, Michael O’Connell

President Kelly Fleming called the meeting to order at   6:40 PM

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Pattillo

Income: Noodle fest checks have all come in ($85), we had parents donate for teacher appreciation luncheon ($30), Panera dine and donate check ($33.43), skate night ($165), PizzaX box tops ($150), & Spirit wear income is on there, but payments have not gone out.

Spirit wear did make ~$1,375. We’re looking into doing another spring order.

Expenses: Final food bill, kitchen help and face painting bills were paid for Noodlefest ($924.67). Binford book fair, we paid ~$99 for vouchers to assist students, $97 Teacher’s Appreciation Luncheon, $50 for Mr. Lankford’s petty cash refilled for student assistance for field trips, $477.65 for Jon Wortheim author visit, and our big yearly expense: $10,700 for Gift Cards for teacher’s appreciation luncheon.

Teacher’s Representative Reports

Rogers – Sara Deckard

From the whole staff, a huge thank you for Oliver, it was a great memory making day! Thank you also for the PTO luncheon and gift cards. We’re getting excited for our 100 Day celebration Wednesday, January 25, as long as there are no snow days.

Had a schoolwide convocation about MLK Jr. First & Second graders sang their songs. MLK Jr. Legacy Award went to Lynn Boyle who has brought her service dog in the past 4 years to share with the students.

Kindergarten– Working on their Winter/Penguin unit

Math – different ways of making 10

Writing Unit – working on beginning middle and end of a story, also working on finding details.

Using STAR time to do literacy reading groups

First GradeMath – Working on introducing place values, and doing real world problems. (ex: I have two eggs, and John has 3 eggs. How many eggs do we have all together?) Number Families, and counting mixed change and telling time to the hour and half hour.

Reading – identifying Beginning/Middle/End of stories and working on sequencing. Author study of Jan Brett

LA- working on identifying parts of speech (nouns, verbs & adjectives)

Second Grade Math – we are doing measurement

LA– Moral of the story making predictions, we are also writing about 2017 goals and resolutions. We are learning more about MLK and writing about our own wishes and dreams for the world.

First & Second Grade Music- As part of the MLK Day ON grant our students studied civil rights songs, will be recording, creating a CD, and performing them for the incoming audience at the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre on Jan 16, at 6:00pm! Your children have been working hard to learn some civil rights themed music in honor of this day and this would be a wonderful opportunity to come and hear them sing!

Binford – Crystal Timbrook

Third Grade- Richer students from BHSN (Athletic board) talking about Caring principle

Collecting food for MLK Pay it Forward

LA – figurative language, writing from a different point of view

Math – Multiplication & Division: facts and problem solving

Social Studies – MLK Jr. Making connections to our lives today – how can we learn from history and not repeat it? Theme: courage and bravery.

Health – body systems, making healthy choices. “Fun Fitness Friday” will be held on Feb 24.
We’ll be celebrating the 100
th day of school on Jan 25th. We’re dressing like we’re 100, and with activities based on empathy for older people.

Fourth Grade– We hope to continue to go to the Indiana State Museum for a Field Trip the last week of school. They are starting their annual unit about Abraham Lincoln’s childhood in Indiana. They do play acting, research, and engaging writing. Students write informational texts about his Indiana years, narrative texts about his conflicting interests and responsibilities as a child, and persuasive texts as they learn about his developing ideas about slavery. Lots of connections to LA curriculum in this unit!

Math– focusing on real world problems involving addition and subtraction

Fifth Grade

LA – determine how figurative language adds meaning to a text. Applying knowledge of root words to determine meaning of unknown words, use evidence from the text to support thoughts ideas, and fact from texts. Also working on persuasive writing project

Math – multiplication and division strategies (using long division), and working on problems involving fractions and decimals.

Advanced Math – Geometry and measurement

Sixth Grade

Math – fraction and decimal operations, writing equations, moving to solving algebra equations

Advanced Math – Algebra, Ratios and percents will be next.

Social Studies – We are focusing on Medieval society in Western Europe, the Byzantine Empire in Eastern Europe/Asia, and the Muslim Empire in Eurasia. Then Early American cultures, the Renaissance, and the Age of European Exploration & Conquest, as these cultures collide.

Music – 6th Grade choir practices on Wednesdays from 3:45-5:00. They are building a repertoire of 5-6 songs. We would like to sing at an upcoming PTO meeting. Thank you parents for your continued support of music and its importance in the development of children!

PE– We will start running club in February. Local Lacrosse club will be coming in for the day to give lessons to the 5th & 6th graders.

Art- Third– finishing landscapes; with the standards of space in landscape (fore-, middle- & back- grounds). They are mixing paint to create shades for the different sections dark to light. The landscapes have 3-D houses, trees, roads & other items.

Fourth – making mandala circle art; demonstrating the standard of Radial Symmetry, & applying Tertiary colors.

Fifth– making pictures demonstrating positive and negative space in art. Ask your 5th graders about the concept and how that looks in their artwork.

Sixth – finishing cleaning up their outer space pictures demonstrating color gradation, spherical forms and cylinders. Beginning figure drawing to create a favorite sports figure.

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad


Binford – Jennifer Anderson

Report cards going home tomorrow. They are all finished!

Vocabulary Bee Jan 18, 10-11 in library

Spelling Bee – Jan 20, 1:45-3:00 Auditorium

We were doing a Food Collection Drive for Community Kitchen for Backpack Buddies. Each grade will get what they are collecting and make a “sign” that will say “Binford Pays it Forward”, and take a picture. This drive ties together with the life skills they are working on in January and February.

Dr. David Pillar, principal from Jackson Creek Middle School, and Mr. Craig Fisher, principal from Tri-North Middle School will be coming in on January 20 at 9:30 to talk to 6th graders about going to Middle School, classes, etc. Kids will be separated into two different groups and will go to the appropriate group as to where they are going to middle school.

February 1, all club and group pictures will be taken for the year book.

Children’s Theater is coming in to do “Energy Conservation” play on Feb 2 for two groups: 3rd -4th, & 5th-6th grades.

**We are in need of clothing donations for larger kids. Underwear & socks, pants with elastic waists, sweatshirts and sweatpants. Any and all sizes from Youth M-Youth XL, and 10-14.***

Locker room renovation is starting over spring break. They will be under construction for the remainder of the school year. This will affect some of the flow with the door, so they are working on that right now. A temporary wall will be built from the hallway to gym, and the hallway will be quite narrow. This is the only construction renovation that will take place while the students are in school this year.

Committee Reports

Alternate Fundraising added another skate night Feb 16th, we made $160 dollars at the last one, so we’re doing another. Fresh Fork dine and donate is coming up. Honey Baked Ham raised $165, we will set-up another one for Easter in the spring.

New Business

Board Slate: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming & Ken Pattillo are all leaving the board due to relocations and kids not being in the school anymore. We need to fill the slots, to make for a smooth transition. We will need three new board members next year.

We will be brining in a teacher’s coffee tomorrow morning as thank you for a great semester.

A suggestion for Noodlefest was made that some people don’t like to have to pay for food, if you donate the food too. The thought was that maybe if you donate food, you can get free tickets to eat for Noodlefest.

A motion was made to approve last month’s minutes by Krista Johns and seconded by Kelly Fleming.

The meeting was adjourned at by 7:11 by Kelly Fleming.

Important Dates:

1/16 No School

1/16 1st & 2nd Grade singing in front of Buskirk Chumley

1/18 Binford Vocabulary Bee (10-11 AM in library)

1/20 Dr. Pillar & Mr. Fisher visit Binford (9:30 AM)

1/20 Binford Spelling Bee (1:45-3 PM in auditorium)

1/25 100th Day of School Celebration

2/1 Club and Group pictures for Yearbook

2/2 Children’s Theater to do play “Energy Conservation”

2/16 Roller Skate Night

2/21 Noodle and Co. Dine and Donate

2/24 Fun Fitness Friday for 3rd Graders

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