PTO Meeting Minutes, November 30, 2017

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Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

November 30, 2016

Binford Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Ken Pattillo, Kylene Nungesser, Denny Garl, Mark Conrad, Heather Heerssen, Ale Carney, Crystal Timbrook, Courtney Ladyman, Lacy Kantor

President Kelly Fleming opened the meeting at 6:34 PM.

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Pattillo

Income: Noodlefest brought in $8,400 net, making ~$6,900 before paying Buffalouies for the food. The $10 Table made $210, the baskets brought in $5,800, the food-at-the-door payment was $1,800.

Other income, we deposited: the Spirit-wear check which was significant ~$4,700, Chick-Fil-A dine & donate was $88, and we also received a Kroger Cares check for $760. Lastly, we had a check from Pizza X Tabs for $150, but that will be on next month’s statement.

Expenses: Noodlefest: Breadsticks from Monroe County Pizza were paid. This year & last year’s directory (which was inadvertently unpaid) were also an expense of $874.

Teacher Representative Reports

Rogers – Denny Garl

On December 22, the whole school is going to see Oliver at Cardinal Theater. Between a generous parent donation, PTO donation, and other money, all of the student body will attend. Students are currently learning some of the songs from the play.

Kindergarten- is working on their ginger bread unit. In reading, they are learning about characters, setting, beginning, middle & end of stories.

First Grade – is working on their pet unit. The classes are collecting dog & cat food, toys, treats, cat litter, hard plastic crates/kennels, clean towels, and spare change. They will be learning about what it means to be a responsible pet owner, & using the collected items for math activities such as sorting by category, graphing, measuring and counting money. The Monroe County Humane Society will be coming to give a presentation. They will be collecting the needed items until December 16th.

Second Grade – is also working on a pet unit. They are doing a fund raiser “Pennies for Pets” to help raise money for pets.

The Literacy coach at Rogers has a request: 3rd grade level books of Oliver for $3.99. She is asking for one copy per classroom, so that they can do a read-aloud before the play. They need 16-17 copies. The board discussed and decided to approve the request from the discretionary fund. Kelly Fleming will order them from PTO funds, and deliver them next week to the school.

Binford – Crystal Timbrook

Third Grade- They are nearing the end of their Penny Harvest. They have been collecting money for a shopping trip to Kroger, so that they can donate needed items to Hoosier Hills Food Bank. They are taking the walking field trip to Kroger to shop/participate on Dec 7.

Writing & Social Studies-They are also beginning preparation for their community fair “Why I Love Bloomington” They will write informational texts & share a place they love and feel connected to. They will also demonstrate working with maps & map parts. It will be held 12/20.

Reading- NF books about map skills, main idea, supporting details, text features

Math- measurement; Number Corner, fractions: identifying and finding equivalent fractions

BHSN Athletic Board students have started coming (1x/month) to teach “RICHER” Principles (life skills on and off the court)

Fourth Grade- Mrs. Weatherbee’s class will be going to Target the first week of December to spend the money they raised at their gently-used book sale to buy toys for a local community organization. Mrs. Hatfield’s class is doing an animal shelter collection in the month of December.

Math- students are working on adding & subtracting fractions.

Reading- focusing on point of view

Writing – Figurative language

Fifth Grade- Is working on genius hour (inquiry projects).

-They are also all participating in acts of kindness throughout December. Each student is challenged every day with doing an act of kindness, and working on giving back to the school community & the community at large.

-One of the classes is going to present their winter-themed reader’s theater to Redbud Hills Retirement Community on Dec 21.

-Many of the 5th Grade class are reading Rookie Bookie in preparation of author Jon Wertheim’s visit Friday, Dec 2nd.

Sixth Grade- They are working on persuasive argument essays. They argue & defend their point. Math- They’re working on ratios as fractions and percents, writing equations, and decimals.

Advanced Math- is working on fractions and algebra.

PE – The 5th & 6th grades finished volleyball tournaments right before break. The 3rd & 4th grades also learned volleyball skills but no games yet. They are more just working on volleying back and forth. They will be working on fitness over the next couple of weeks.

-Mr. Shepherd was awarded a grant for Frisbee golf equipment, so he is working with someone on setting up a small Frisbee golf course.

-Running club will start in February.

Library – A BIG thanks to PTO. The author, Jon Wertheim will be here on Friday 12/2.

Book fair – Dec 5-9. Need volunteers for helping kids find books, and check-out. There is a signup genius link from Mrs. Anderson in an email. Mrs. Hamilton asks that you please contact her if you can help.

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad

MLK Award nomination forms are out, but he hasn’t received any back. They would like to recognize the person in early January. This person embodies the spirit of MLK by giving back to the community, integrity all the other values that MLK stood for.

Mr. Love wrote for and was awarded a grant for the 1st and 2nd graders to record some (4-5) songs about MLK. Once recorded, every kid will get a CD of it. They are working on learning the songs now.

Thank you in advance for the teacher appreciation luncheon. We always enjoy it, and it’s such a nice event. Also, thanks for Noodlefest.

Rogers book fair will be held in the Spring, closer to Carnival, and not at this time.

Binford – Courtney Ladyman 

Binford Book Fair: Dec 5-9. Mrs. Hamilton, librarian at Binford, needs help please contact if you can volunteer. Rogers families will be welcome to attend, since they are not having a book fair at this time, though the books are geared towards 3-6 graders, and may not be the right fit.

Friday Dec 23, no school, unless we have a snow day before then

After Christmas break, construction is set to begin on non-classroom construction. They will be starting on gym floor, & locker rooms. One locker room will remain as a storage area, however it will be renovated; removing shower heads, lockers, toilets, etc. The other locker room will be completely transformed into classrooms & therapy rooms for special needs classes.

Committee Reports

Noodlefest- Office staff was a huge help after the fest for getting the remaining baskets claimed

Worked well:

  • Paying for 2 cooks in the Binford kitchen
  • Having trays from both schools
  • NOT having people donate chili (for multiple reasons: less mess, no breakage, no leftover food in crockpots until the next week, one less thing for people to donate –and then pay to eat!)
  • Ordering food from Jaimie (because then if we didn’t use all of it, it could be returned!)
  • Breadsticks from MCP
  • Arts/Crafts table, Caricature, Face Painting, Cups Game and Cornhole
  • Having IU student volunteers & Rogers/Binford Teacher/Administrator Volunteers
  • Silent Auction: GREAT baskets this year!  High quality and great variety.
  • Sign-up genius for basket themes: worked really well to cut down on the duplicate basket themes
  • HAVING THE CHANCE TO SET UP IN THE GYM at 3:00 and start the event at 5:30: PRICELESS
  • Entertainment in the auditorium was good-Jen Fons was a TREMENDOUS help in arranging that
  • A big shout out to the parents who volunteered for setting up and serving!  We had a GREAT group of people who helped us, and were able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.
  • Shortened amount of time: 2 hours – 2.5 hours is PLENTY of time for this event. 
  • Having it on a Friday seemed like a good idea (especially for parents of the younger kids) and starting it at 5:30 was very helpful for the planners. 
  • Encouraging folks to turn in their baskets early if they need us to finish them for their classrooms.  Later time to turn in ok if the basket is complete. 


  • Not having the directory available really inhibited our email chain  (in the past, I have emailed the room parents directly, and the teachers directly and this time I sent everything to the principals to forward to teachers to then forward to room parents/parents in their classroom)
  • We never know how many people will show up.  It is very difficult to plan an event to feed people if you have no idea if 400, 500, or 735 people will show up. 
  • Despite multiple email messages and notes in the blasts, several people didn’t seem to be getting the information. 
  • Hard to corral the excitement of kids running around (and not trying to lose your tray full of food!) – thought we had enough supervised activities for the kids but a few more things to keep them occupied would be great.
  • Not having adequate numbers of parents who want to volunteer (repeated problem, year after year); also having our high school volunteers bail on their face painting booth at the last minute. 

Recommendations for next year:

  • Put the food payment table in the door way of the cafeteria. They found that many people didn’t realize they had to pay for food, and the food servers didn’t know to check for a stamp. Make it one way in and out of the cafeteria.
  • Have a teacher “lunches/Party’s” for an auction item, as these generally go over big. Teachers who have done this in the past said that the PTO generally attends the actual party & provides the lunch, ice cream, etc. The teacher is there & the host, but doesn’t have to figure out logistics.

New Business

The Spirit wear order has been placed, and we hope to hear back soon on a delivery date. The plan is that they will be delivered before holidays.

A motion to approval the minutes from last month was made by Mark Conrad, seconded by Lacey Kantor.

Meeting was adjourned by Kelly Fleming at 7:03 PM.

Important Dates:

12/5-12/9 Binford Book Fair – Volunteers Needed!

12/7 3rd Grade walking field trip to Kroger

12/15 Skate Night @ Western Skateland 6:30-8:30

12/16 Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – Binford Library

12/16 1st Grade Pet donations due

12/20 3rd Grade “Why I Love Bloomington” Community Fair

12/21 5th Grade class reader’s theater @ Redbud Hills Retirement Community

12/22 Rogers students attend Oliver

12/22 End of 9 week grading period

12/23 No School (if there are no snow days before then)

12/26-1/6 No School – winter break

1/9 School resumes

1/12 PTO Meeting

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