PTO Meeting Minutes, February 2, 2017

February 6, 2017  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

February 2, 2017

Binford Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Ken Pattillo, Kylene Nungesser, Heather Short, Jennifer Anderson, Mark Conrad, Ann Ames, Abe Carney, Denny Garl, Crystal Timbrook, Heather Heerssen, Jeff Baldwin

President Kelly Fleming called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM

Jeff Baldwin- B&G Club Executive Director- Lemonade Day on May 20th

  • Gets kids to think about running a business and what is their purpose
  • 737 kids last year
  • Takes kids through a process of developing a business plan
  • Parent led program- $0 cost
  • Get curriculum guide, t-shirt, backpack
  • Registration is open- location is key
  • Kids are encouraged to share a little, spend a little, and save a little
  • $7-12K back to community
  • We could have an advocate from Rogers/Binford and put up Lemonade Day posters on billboard

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Pattillo

Income: Final Proceeds of Noodlefest $6056.31. Will be split among Rogers & Binford. Kroger Cares $811.08, Honey Baked Ham Fundraiser: $165, Box Tops: $669

Expenses: Teacher Appreciation: $171.44

Teacher’s Representative Reports

Rogers – Denny Garl

Kindergarten– working on STAR – narrative writing unit. Also are doing a snow/polar animal unit currently

Math – Working on ways to make 10 & adding up to 10

First GradeMath – We continue to work on expanding our understanding of base 10 and place value. We’re working to identify 10s and ones, to regroup when necessary and to write expanded numbers.

Reading – Doing an Author Study. Reading/writing/comparing Jan Brett books

LA- Working on different classes of words (noun, verb, etc.), and writing stories.

Second Grade

They are planning their field trip with all MCCSC 2nd graders to IU MAC band concert, and this will be an introduction to instruments.

Math – # corner. Every month the theme changes. We use math to talk about the problem of the day.

LA– Gearing up for a unit on Alaska/Iditarod.

Binford – Crystal Timbrook

Third Grade-

Fact and Opinion and Geometry are upcoming ELs

LA – Dr. Seuss study (word choice/figurative language, audience, theme/message) with a March Madness competition to pick a favorite of his books. IU read aloud for Read Across America

Math – Reviewing time concepts during Number Corner

Social Studies – Finish up digital citizenship lessons this month

Health – Looking forward to Fun Fitness Friday coming up at the end of February (2/24), and the end of our Health (Human Body) unit.

Fourth Grade– No report

Fifth Grade

Tamborrino – Multicultural simulation called Neighborhoods, which encompasses social studies, language, writing, and literature. The class simulates a multicultural neighborhood where families from diverse ethnic backgrounds unite in their respect for each other.

With this unit, they are making different ethnic foods to share.

Dawson & FicoRube Goldberg project, also encompassing reading, writing and mathematics.

Kelley – Colonial research project “Sail America”, A study of the 13 original colonies. The project will conclude as an expo of travel brochures, posters, and artifacts, and the students will be dressed in time period clothing, representing all 13 different colonies. It will be held in the cafeteria.

Math – multiplication and division strategies 

Advanced Math – working on area and perimeter of complex figures by decomposing the figures into polygons.

Sixth Grade

Love – We’re starting our literature study of the book “Milkweed” by Jerry Spinelli. This is a WWII era based book, about ghettos in Warsaw, Poland. This book leads up to their WWII studies.

PE– Running club registrations due 2/6/17.

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad

February 6th Kindergarten Registration will begin

February 16th incoming Kindergartner’s Open House at Rogers

Binford – Jennifer Anderson

February 14th, 6th grade is going to the MAC

February 27th Yearbook orders will come out

March 10th Yearbook orders due

ISTEP the window is Feb 27th -March 10th for the written portion

IRead window is March 6th-March 10th.

If you have a 3rd grader, make note of these dates when you are planning your Spring Break, and make all efforts for your child to be here. (Don’t leave early!!) If you absolutely need to, please let the teachers/administrators need to know well in advance, so that we can try to make alternative arrangements. Thank you.

The 6th grade teachers & Special Ed at Binford were nominated for and won the Leading Light Award from the Chamber through the Franklin Initiative. This group recognizes individuals as well as Teacher of the Year. Congratulations!! They were nominated by 7 parents in our school.

Life Skill this month: Responsibility. We will be finishing up with a Responsibility Celebration. Next month’s life skill will be announced next week.

Frisbee golf will begin to be installed next week.

Committee Reports

Carnival- Kristi has been able to find a co-chair in Kristen Konisky. An email has gone out to past and present people to help. There will be a committee meeting at the end of this month. The Carnival will be held on April 28, from 5:00-8:00PM. We need volunteers during the event, and we brain-stormed ideas. Any current MCCSC student does not need a background check. Any IU student or non-MCCSC student will need to complete the check. Ideas of current students who look for community service: SAB, Student Councils, YES (Youth Engagement Service) Club @ Tri-North (Jen Anderson will try to contact), National Honor Society, Baseball team at North, Junior Leaders. Non-MCCSC: Living Learning Center at IU (Crystal Timbrook will try to contact), Education Sorority

We talked about the food (Pizza X), and the bake sale for Carnival.

New Business

Fall Fundraiser Ideas: We discussed ideas for a Fall fundraiser for next year. These included, a Golf Outing, a Read-a-Thon, a Chili-Supper/Noodle Fest, a Mother-Son bowling, and a Father-Daughter Dance (a parent has already volunteered to chair this). We don’t know if we can hold a dance on the new gym floor, until we see what it’s made of and how durable it is to non-tennis shoes. Optional locations: Warehouse? The Read-a-Thon was talked about a little bit more, we discussed that Feb/March are not good months because of testing, and the teachers have too much on their plates at that time. Also, the Read-A-Thon has had business sponsorships in the past. It’s possible that Read-a-thon could be combined with Read Across America. It was also noted that Dare Brown had run it before, and that the new chair should contact her for additional information.

Track Signage: The track signs are finished, and will be installed when the ground is ready to go. We will be billed once they are installed. Money for this is in the Binford account. Once the signage is billed and paid for, the remainder of the Noddlefest money (approximately $6056) will be divided between Binford and Rogers.

A reminder to call before we dig was mentioned.

Board Slate:

We still need people to volunteer for our board. We are losing 3 of our 6 members next year, due to relocation, and children no longer attending the school. Please let us know if you can volunteer with this great group of people.

A motion was made by Kelly Fleming to approve last month’s minutes by and seconded by Heather Short.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 by Kelly Fleming.

Important Dates:

2/6 Running Club Sign-ups Due

2/6 Kindergarten Registration Starts

2/14 6th grade to MAC

2/16 Incoming Kindergarten open house at Rogers

2/16 Roller Skate Night

2/20 No School – unless there’s a snow day

2/21 Noodle and Co. Dine and Donate

2/24 Fun Fitness Friday for 3rd Graders

2/27 Binford Yearbook orders come home

*2/27-3/10 ISTEP written portion needs to be taken between these dates. Final date TBD

*3/6-3/10 IRead needs to be taken between these dates. Final date TBD

3/10 Binford Yearbook orders due

4/28 Carnival from 5-8PM

5/20 Bloomington Lemonade Day

*Please note, if you have a 3rd grader, plan Spring Break accordingly, and try to be here during the ISTEP and IRead windows. If you need to rearrange your students test schedule, please let the teacher know ASAP! Thank you!

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