PTO Meeting Minutes, April 6, 2017

April 10, 2017  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

April 6, 2017

Binford Library

Attendance: Kelly Fleming, Ken Pattillo, Kylene Nungesser, Heather Short, Jennifer Anderson, Mark Conrad, Kelley Dawson, Denny Garl, Ronnie Greene, Heather Heerssen, Caree Jent, Ann Ames, Jennifer Fons, Kristi Chaveas

President Kelly Fleming called the meeting to order at 6:31PM

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Pattillo

Income: $545 for second order of Spirit Wear, $3.25 interest income

Expenses: $50 childcare for last two meetings ($30 for the meeting with choir b/c it was longer)

Carnival Expenses are starting to come in, $80 so far.

Teacher’s Representative Reports

Rogers – Denny Garl

We were curious if there is going to be a Teacher Luncheon this spring? If yes, do we know the date? Teachers are trying to plan the end of the year field trips, but don’t want to miss the luncheon! May 23rd is tentative for teacher appreciation luncheon.

Also, a suggestion – when carnival was over, can make sure we thank donors appropriately? Since they donate thousands of dollars, it would be great to express our appreciation. Ideas would be: thank you notes/class cards from the kids, certificates of sponsorship, etc. We discussed, and decided that assigning each class a donor, and having that class write thank you notes to the sponsor would be a feasible plan, and a great way to express our appreciation.


They just finished standardized testing (see Principals’ section for more information).They are working on their life cycles unit, studying eggs and chicks. They are also studying the solar system

First Grade

Reading –Pacers reading assembly, (see Principals’ section for more information)

LA- biographies and animal reports


They are doing a “Big Cat” research collaboration with The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship. Their class will be visiting the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, and have already visited the public library to do research on their projects. On Friday May 5th, they will be hosting a Big Cat Night with the high school students, from 5:30-7:00. They are hoping to have a live cheetah there.

Second Grade

Math – working on a quilt making series to help them learn about geometry & fractions. They’re using paper, to make their quilts.

LA– Persuasive writing, and autobiographies

Binford – Kelley Dawson

Third Grade-

They are beginning Alice in Wonderland coming in May. They also just finished their March Madness tournament with Dr. Seuss books. Lastly, they also just finished their disability awareness week.

LA – Expository writing (Science Fair) and inferencing in Reading. They are working on a ‘Poem A Day’ for Poetry Month, and will have a recital for it at the end of the month.

Math – multi-step problem solving, fractions, and a STEM project: ‘Creating a Zoo’ – involving area and perimeter

Social Studies – Junior Achievement: they will be having business students and professionals guest teaching about the economy 1x/week.

Science- They planted seeds from Hilltop Gardens, and will be doing observation and learning based on KWL charts created by the class. They are focused on writing like scientists: summarizing, using vocabulary purposefully, and including key details.

Science Fair: April 12th: Gross, Sweet, Color/Sound/Light and Human Body/Nature

Fourth Grade

They traveled to Griffy Lake on Thursday and to the MAC on Wednesday. They are also looking forward to a field trip to the Indiana State Museum on Tuesday, 5/23.

Mrs. Hatfield’s class is working on plants and bottle rockets in science, persuasive writing, & poetry writing in LA, fraction division in math, and having a Disability Awareness guest speaker.

All classes are reviewing and extending previous ELs

Fifth Grade

LA – examining and comparing nonfiction texts as well as studying poems for April (poetry month).

Math – they are working on interpreting graphs and data, and wrapping up the unit on multiplying/dividing fractions.

Social Studies – This week classes began going to the IU Law School for a mock trial with the Outreach for Legal Literacy students.

Sixth Grade

Writing– students are working hard on writing research papers for their WWII projects.

Social Studies20th Annual World War II Honors Day will be held on Thursday, April 13. The event will be held all over Binford. All 6th Grade parents are invited. Also visitors from the PTO are welcome at the Sessions and Tours.

Library– Mrs. Hamilton will need help again this year staffing the Scholastic Book Fair at the carnival. We need 2 people for each 1 hour shift. Melinda Hamilton will be there to handle the questions, money, set-up, and tear down. Also, the week following, we will need volunteers to help with the book fair during the school day. Melinda will create a SignUpGenius next week and is asking for communication support from PTO.

PE– Field Day is coming! The date is still being discussed. Brian Shepherd will be looking for volunteers. Is there one specific PTO member that can be his contact, and help to coordinate volunteers? He can then also work with this PTO member to coordinate other needs that might come up during the planning and preparation stages. Diania Maisonneuve said she would be the contact.

60 kids from Binford’s Running Club with Mr. Shepherd were signed up to run the Hoosier 5K on Saturday April 8th!

Music- 4, 5, & 6th grades had a Jazz Assembly on April 6th. Jenny Jaffe brought her band and it was awesome!

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad Field Day May 26th in AM only

Can the PTO supply cups again this year? Yes, it was crazy last year, but we’ll have a better system this year!

Kindergarten – is doing standardized testing – This is happening across MCCSC now. It’s the COG-AT test. We took it over 3 days, from ½ hour to 45 min each day. The idea is that this is not an assessment that is measured at the state level. It’s a predetermination for gifted skills and gifted programs. It is a cognitive analysis test. There are lots of pictures and relationships on the tests.

The Pacers “Read Like a Pro” program came to school on Wednesday. We applied for the program late in the fall, & they chose us! We had to limit it to one grade, and in communication with teachers and the Pacers, and since this was a program to promote reading, we felt that the 1st graders were the best choice. Darnell Hillman and crew went around and read to the kids. Everyone left with a swag bag. The kids loved it. There was a raffle, and kids won prizes, with the grand prize being a basketball going to Evan Fleming!

We have a change for next year for parties in the classroom involving food, and other activities that happen with food. Based on trying to instill a more healthy lifestyle, and also having kids with severe food allergies, we’re going to change policy. NO FOOD for any celebration; birthdays, Halloween, Valentine’s Day etc. The kids can still give out non-food related treats like pencils, stickers, tattoos, etc. Daily snacks will still be allowed throughout the course of the day. Each teacher can decide if they want snack in their classroom, but there will be an approved list of foods that can come into the school. Kids snacks supplied from parents should follow these guidelines, and will be checked at the office.

Binford – Jennifer Anderson We are limiting birthday snacks and treats as well. At this point, no food for birthdays. Next year we will ease into limiting all of the celebrations. Homemade stuff can’t be brought in. We will need to have only store bought items from now on.

Tues 4/18 – 4/27 we will be having 9 separate ISTEP tests. These will be held only in the morning, with the exception of one on 4/27 Science & Social Studies in the morning, and one 41 minute test in the afternoon. This is so that we do not test on Carnival Day. The tests range from 19 minutes-56 minutes. All grades will take tests: 3rd grade – English, LA, & Math, 4th grade- English, LA, Math, and Science, 5th grade- English, LA, Math, and Social Studies, 6th grade- English, LA, Math, & Science.

We are testing on-line this year. They will be practicing this week, all of the manipulatives and using the system on their computers. This will include how to access protractor, calculator, etc.

May 19th Egg Drop, May 22nd Rain Day for Egg Drop

May 19th 6th Grade Dance

May 25th 6th grade promotion

Field day will be on either May 24th or May 26th . There is a Field Day committee meeting April 12th next week to determine the date.

Committee Reports

Carnival – Kristi Chaveas – The sponsorship letters have gone out. Allison Rink needs commitments by April 12. $5650 has already been pledged. Volunteering sign-ups will go out in the coming weeks. We will be rearranging the volunteering by grade level instead of by classroom. Should we have the games delivered the night before? We discussed and decided not to have them delivered until Friday. We can get into the gym by noon on that day.

The next Carnival Committee meeting is on April 12th @ 11:00 at Noodles & Co. Diania will ask for teachers to help sell punch cards the night of the Carnival. Denny said to put it on the mailboxes, or on the fridge. Email too would be helpful. Diania will sell tickets in the parking lot the week of as well. Letters are going out via the blast. Everything is going great!

New Business

Board Slate: Gets presented at this meeting. Will get approved at next meeting.

A motion was made to approve last month’s minutes by Caree Jent and seconded by Heather Heerssen.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:24 by Kelly Fleming.

Important Dates:

4/12 3rd Grade Science Fair

4/13 20th Annual World War II Honors Day

4/18 5:00-8:00 PM Play and Donate at LaserLite Laser Tag $15 unlimited

4/28 Carnival from 5-8 PM – volunteers needed!

4/28 Book Fair at Binford during Carnival – volunteers needed!

5/1-5/5 Book Fair at Binford during school – volunteers needed!

5/2 No School

5/4 Last PTO Meeting 6:30 PM @ Rogers

5/19 Egg Drop (5/22 – rain date for Egg Drop)

5/19 6th Grade Dance

5/20 Bloomington Lemonade Day

5/23 Teacher Luncheon for both schools to be held @ Rogers Library

5/23 Fourth Grade Field Trip to Indiana State Museum

5/24 or 5/26 Binford Field Day. Date TBD @ 4/12 at committee meeting

5/25 6th grade promotion

5/26 Rogers Field Day in the AM only

5/26 Orange Leaf Dine and Donate directly after school

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