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Indiana University Omega Chapter

Beta Sigma Psi was founded in 1925. The purpose of Beta Sigma Psi is to provide an environment in which the Christian college man can grow Spiritually, Scholastically, and Socially. To that end, Beta Sigma Psi undertakes programs to develop leaders and to aid the individual in assuming a satisfying and useful role in society. Through its alumni and undergraduate leadership, Beta Sigma Psi endeavors to assist each member to develop character, develop intellectual awareness, and develop responsibility to chapter, college, community, state, nation, and world, while also developing spiritual welfare, developing brotherhood, developing integrity, promoting friendship, and advancing justice.

We are the Indiana Omega Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi. We were founded here in 2000, rechartered in 2010, and have been growing strong ever since. Our current house is displayed above, located at 310/312 N Park Ave. Bloomington, IN, 47408. This is our central location where the majority of our members live, but we also rent other properties in the surrounding area as we cannot all fit in one place. Beta Sigma Psi is the perfect size that allows young gentlemen the opportunity to help grow a thriving chapter and gain leadership experience. The size also allows each member a greater opportunity for leadership within the chapter and self, and a better brotherhood experience with a way to get to know everyone.

Since 2000, Omega Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi has been home to more than 200 students of Indiana Univeristy and continues to house more students annually and growing over the past 12 years. Omega Chapter has received numerous awards, from Beta Sigma Psi National Fraternity and the Indiana University Fraternity Council.

Active Brothers

2016 - Beta Sig Active Brothers

Jackson Fessenden

Kokomo, IN

Major: Biochemistry

Fun Fact: "I lived in Austria."

Dillon Shaffer

Columbus, IN

Major: Healthcare Management

Fun Fact: "I was born in Singapore."

Trent Wagoner

Indianapolis, IN

Major: Biology

Fun Fact: "I recently went on a mission trip to Cambodia."

Collin Evans

Fort Wayne, IN

Major: Exercise Science

Fun Fact: "I was a tri-sport athlete in high school."

Braden Trimpe

Columbus, IN

Major: Chemistry

Fun Fact: I am a full-time student and I own and operate my company, College Movers."

William Hughes

Vallonia, IN

Major: Sociology

Fun Fact: "I have four half-brothers."

Keegan Fessenden

Kokomo, IN

Major: Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Fun Fact: "I eat cereal and milk everyday."

Alex Trimpe

Columbus, IN

Major: Informatics

Fun Fact: "I can't fall asleep without my fan on.".

Andrew Fackler

Kokomo, IN

Major: Political Science

Fun Fact: "Fun facts are no fun. Imagination is the key to entertainment."

Robin Setty


Major: Media Advertising

Fun Fact: "I have 10 siblings, 6 dogs, and 3 cats."

Aaron Walton

Columbus, IN

Major: Biology

Fun Fact: "I'm good at magic."

Nicholas Satterfield

Columbus, IN

Major: Law and Public Policy

Fun Fact: "I can unhinge my jaw."

Dustin Gray

New Castle, IN

Major: International Studies

Fun Fact: "I taught English in Spain."

Stuart Walsh

Peru, IN

Major: Exercise Science/Pre-Med

Fun Fact: "I am trying out to be an IU Cheerleader."

Lee Enkoff

Columbus, IN

Major: Sports Marketing & Management

Fun Fact: "I've torn my ACL 3 times."

Henry Welker

Seymour, IN

Major: Sociology

Fun Fact: "I am an only child."

Luke Humphrey

Austin, TX

Major: Finance

Fun Fact: "Im licensed to serve alcohol in Texas."

Tyler Baker

LaPorte, IN

Major: Biochemistry B.S.

Fun Fact: "I'm a medical assistant for Riley Hospital for Children."

Sean Owens

Columbus, IN

Major: Political Science

Fun Fact: "Ill be 36 when my sister graduates high school."

Austin Darnell

Peru, IN

Major: Exercise Science

Fun Fact: "I was born in Panama City, FL."

Chaz Schneider

Brownstown, IN

Major: Sports Marketing & Management

Fun Fact: "Ball is life."

Collin Ebel

Columbus, IN

Major: Media Advertising

Fun Fact: "I lather my beard in beard oil."

Jacob Kelley

Columbus, IN

Major: Outdoor Recreation

Fun Fact: "I like to wakeboard, longboard, and snowboard."

Ryan Hunneshagen

Fort Wayne, IN

Major: Classical Civilizations

Fun Fact: "I know Latin."

Michael Coffey

Oak Park, IL

Major: Finance and International Business

Fun Fact: "I am an avid Liverpool FC supporter."

Matthew Gastineau

Columbus, IN

Major: Human Resources

Fun Fact: "My nickname is Gassy."

Jacob Gibbons

Westfield, IN

Major: Finance

Fun Fact: "I have an unhealthy obsession with Subway."

Patrick Carver

Long Island, NY

Major: Business

Fun Fact: "I never hit a home run in t-ball."

Nathaniel Irons

LaPorte, IN

Major: Informatics

Fun Fact: "I can blow bubbles off my tongue."

Ethan Myers

Patriot, IN

Major: Public Relations & Political Science

Fun Fact: "I cannot tie my shoes."

Andrew Whicker

Westfield, IN

Major: Second Education

Fun Fact: "I once lost my neighbor's cat when pet-sitting."

Nicholas Monesmith

Jasper, IN

Major: Chemistry

Fun Fact: "I taught myself to drive stick from a car I pulled out of a cornfield."

Abdulaziz AlBahar

Jabriya, Kuwait

Major: Marketing

Fun Fact: "I'm not wearing pants in this photo."

Zachary Underwood

Brownsburg, IN

Major: Finance

Fun Fact: "I can lick my elbow."

Brent Bellen

LaPorte, IN

Major: Exercise Science

Fun Fact: "I always get mistaken for an international student."

"Building the Best Leaders"

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