PTO Meeting Minutes, April 6, 2017

April 10, 2017  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

April 6, 2017

Binford Library

Attendance: Kelly Fleming, Ken Pattillo, Kylene Nungesser, Heather Short, Jennifer Anderson, Mark Conrad, Kelley Dawson, Denny Garl, Ronnie Greene, Heather Heerssen, Caree Jent, Ann Ames, Jennifer Fons, Kristi Chaveas

President Kelly Fleming called the meeting to order at 6:31PM

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Pattillo

Income: $545 for second order of Spirit Wear, $3.25 interest income

Expenses: $50 childcare for last two meetings ($30 for the meeting with choir b/c it was longer)

Carnival Expenses are starting to come in, $80 so far.

Teacher’s Representative Reports

Rogers – Denny Garl

We were curious if there is going to be a Teacher Luncheon this spring? If yes, do we know the date? Teachers are trying to plan the end of the year field trips, but don’t want to miss the luncheon! May 23rd is tentative for teacher appreciation luncheon.

Also, a suggestion – when carnival was over, can make sure we thank donors appropriately? Since they donate thousands of dollars, it would be great to express our appreciation. Ideas would be: thank you notes/class cards from the kids, certificates of sponsorship, etc. We discussed, and decided that assigning each class a donor, and having that class write thank you notes to the sponsor would be a feasible plan, and a great way to express our appreciation.


They just finished standardized testing (see Principals’ section for more information).They are working on their life cycles unit, studying eggs and chicks. They are also studying the solar system

First Grade

Reading –Pacers reading assembly, (see Principals’ section for more information)

LA- biographies and animal reports


They are doing a “Big Cat” research collaboration with The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship. Their class will be visiting the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, and have already visited the public library to do research on their projects. On Friday May 5th, they will be hosting a Big Cat Night with the high school students, from 5:30-7:00. They are hoping to have a live cheetah there.

Second Grade

Math – working on a quilt making series to help them learn about geometry & fractions. They’re using paper, to make their quilts.

LA– Persuasive writing, and autobiographies

Binford – Kelley Dawson

Third Grade-

They are beginning Alice in Wonderland coming in May. They also just finished their March Madness tournament with Dr. Seuss books. Lastly, they also just finished their disability awareness week.

LA – Expository writing (Science Fair) and inferencing in Reading. They are working on a ‘Poem A Day’ for Poetry Month, and will have a recital for it at the end of the month.

Math – multi-step problem solving, fractions, and a STEM project: ‘Creating a Zoo’ – involving area and perimeter

Social Studies – Junior Achievement: they will be having business students and professionals guest teaching about the economy 1x/week.

Science- They planted seeds from Hilltop Gardens, and will be doing observation and learning based on KWL charts created by the class. They are focused on writing like scientists: summarizing, using vocabulary purposefully, and including key details.

Science Fair: April 12th: Gross, Sweet, Color/Sound/Light and Human Body/Nature

Fourth Grade

They traveled to Griffy Lake on Thursday and to the MAC on Wednesday. They are also looking forward to a field trip to the Indiana State Museum on Tuesday, 5/23.

Mrs. Hatfield’s class is working on plants and bottle rockets in science, persuasive writing, & poetry writing in LA, fraction division in math, and having a Disability Awareness guest speaker.

All classes are reviewing and extending previous ELs

Fifth Grade

LA – examining and comparing nonfiction texts as well as studying poems for April (poetry month).

Math – they are working on interpreting graphs and data, and wrapping up the unit on multiplying/dividing fractions.

Social Studies – This week classes began going to the IU Law School for a mock trial with the Outreach for Legal Literacy students.

Sixth Grade

Writing– students are working hard on writing research papers for their WWII projects.

Social Studies20th Annual World War II Honors Day will be held on Thursday, April 13. The event will be held all over Binford. All 6th Grade parents are invited. Also visitors from the PTO are welcome at the Sessions and Tours.

Library– Mrs. Hamilton will need help again this year staffing the Scholastic Book Fair at the carnival. We need 2 people for each 1 hour shift. Melinda Hamilton will be there to handle the questions, money, set-up, and tear down. Also, the week following, we will need volunteers to help with the book fair during the school day. Melinda will create a SignUpGenius next week and is asking for communication support from PTO.

PE– Field Day is coming! The date is still being discussed. Brian Shepherd will be looking for volunteers. Is there one specific PTO member that can be his contact, and help to coordinate volunteers? He can then also work with this PTO member to coordinate other needs that might come up during the planning and preparation stages. Diania Maisonneuve said she would be the contact.

60 kids from Binford’s Running Club with Mr. Shepherd were signed up to run the Hoosier 5K on Saturday April 8th!

Music- 4, 5, & 6th grades had a Jazz Assembly on April 6th. Jenny Jaffe brought her band and it was awesome!

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad Field Day May 26th in AM only

Can the PTO supply cups again this year? Yes, it was crazy last year, but we’ll have a better system this year!

Kindergarten – is doing standardized testing – This is happening across MCCSC now. It’s the COG-AT test. We took it over 3 days, from ½ hour to 45 min each day. The idea is that this is not an assessment that is measured at the state level. It’s a predetermination for gifted skills and gifted programs. It is a cognitive analysis test. There are lots of pictures and relationships on the tests.

The Pacers “Read Like a Pro” program came to school on Wednesday. We applied for the program late in the fall, & they chose us! We had to limit it to one grade, and in communication with teachers and the Pacers, and since this was a program to promote reading, we felt that the 1st graders were the best choice. Darnell Hillman and crew went around and read to the kids. Everyone left with a swag bag. The kids loved it. There was a raffle, and kids won prizes, with the grand prize being a basketball going to Evan Fleming!

We have a change for next year for parties in the classroom involving food, and other activities that happen with food. Based on trying to instill a more healthy lifestyle, and also having kids with severe food allergies, we’re going to change policy. NO FOOD for any celebration; birthdays, Halloween, Valentine’s Day etc. The kids can still give out non-food related treats like pencils, stickers, tattoos, etc. Daily snacks will still be allowed throughout the course of the day. Each teacher can decide if they want snack in their classroom, but there will be an approved list of foods that can come into the school. Kids snacks supplied from parents should follow these guidelines, and will be checked at the office.

Binford – Jennifer Anderson We are limiting birthday snacks and treats as well. At this point, no food for birthdays. Next year we will ease into limiting all of the celebrations. Homemade stuff can’t be brought in. We will need to have only store bought items from now on.

Tues 4/18 – 4/27 we will be having 9 separate ISTEP tests. These will be held only in the morning, with the exception of one on 4/27 Science & Social Studies in the morning, and one 41 minute test in the afternoon. This is so that we do not test on Carnival Day. The tests range from 19 minutes-56 minutes. All grades will take tests: 3rd grade – English, LA, & Math, 4th grade- English, LA, Math, and Science, 5th grade- English, LA, Math, and Social Studies, 6th grade- English, LA, Math, & Science.

We are testing on-line this year. They will be practicing this week, all of the manipulatives and using the system on their computers. This will include how to access protractor, calculator, etc.

May 19th Egg Drop, May 22nd Rain Day for Egg Drop

May 19th 6th Grade Dance

May 25th 6th grade promotion

Field day will be on either May 24th or May 26th . There is a Field Day committee meeting April 12th next week to determine the date.

Committee Reports

Carnival – Kristi Chaveas – The sponsorship letters have gone out. Allison Rink needs commitments by April 12. $5650 has already been pledged. Volunteering sign-ups will go out in the coming weeks. We will be rearranging the volunteering by grade level instead of by classroom. Should we have the games delivered the night before? We discussed and decided not to have them delivered until Friday. We can get into the gym by noon on that day.

The next Carnival Committee meeting is on April 12th @ 11:00 at Noodles & Co. Diania will ask for teachers to help sell punch cards the night of the Carnival. Denny said to put it on the mailboxes, or on the fridge. Email too would be helpful. Diania will sell tickets in the parking lot the week of as well. Letters are going out via the blast. Everything is going great!

New Business

Board Slate: Gets presented at this meeting. Will get approved at next meeting.

A motion was made to approve last month’s minutes by Caree Jent and seconded by Heather Heerssen.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:24 by Kelly Fleming.

Important Dates:

4/12 3rd Grade Science Fair

4/13 20th Annual World War II Honors Day

4/18 5:00-8:00 PM Play and Donate at LaserLite Laser Tag $15 unlimited

4/28 Carnival from 5-8 PM – volunteers needed!

4/28 Book Fair at Binford during Carnival – volunteers needed!

5/1-5/5 Book Fair at Binford during school – volunteers needed!

5/2 No School

5/4 Last PTO Meeting 6:30 PM @ Rogers

5/19 Egg Drop (5/22 – rain date for Egg Drop)

5/19 6th Grade Dance

5/20 Bloomington Lemonade Day

5/23 Teacher Luncheon for both schools to be held @ Rogers Library

5/23 Fourth Grade Field Trip to Indiana State Museum

5/24 or 5/26 Binford Field Day. Date TBD @ 4/12 at committee meeting

5/25 6th grade promotion

5/26 Rogers Field Day in the AM only

5/26 Orange Leaf Dine and Donate directly after school

PTO Meeting Minutes, March 2, 2017

April 6, 2017  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

March 2, 2017

Binford Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Ken Pattillo, Kylene Nungesser, Heather Short, Mark Conrad, Jennifer Anderson, Ronnie Greene, Heather Heerssen, Kelly Dawson, Sara Deckard

President Kelly Fleming called the meeting to order at 6:36 PM

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Pattillo

Revised report from last month: Teacher gift cards were $11,700, not $10,700 reported. This is reflected in the updated balance statement.

Income: Skate night $163.50, The Fresh Fork (Dine & Donate) $24.08, Interest income $2.93.

Expenses: We were invoiced for spirit wear (the first order only), and paid for that. We also paid out Noodlefest money to each school, based on population. Approximately $98 in vouchers for the school book fair were also included.

The signage on track is up, but we have not been billed for it yet. The money for signage will come out of money that is already in the Binford fund, and the remainder of that money will then be split among the schools based on student population.

Teacher’s Representative Reports

Rogers – Sara Deckard


They just celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday today.  They wore pajamas and had an all day reading celebration.  Several guest readers joined classrooms throughout the day.  

Math- focus is on making and finding groups of 10 within numbers. They’ve started assessments for the end of the grading period.  

LA- Just finished STAR rotation of personal narrative writing, and are learning about beginning, middle and end. 

The Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority is coming on Friday to lead Read Across America activities in 7 classrooms. The Read Across America reading program will culminate on Read Across America Day.  

We had Kindergarten Open House on Thursday February 16th for incoming Kindergarten students.  

We are working with the IU Science Education department with a science technology curriculum featuring states of matter.  This cutting edge technology allows students to see themselves as particles on a big screen.  They are also working with IU iPads with a special app to document their observations.

First Grade– Investigating the genre of biographies as a part of Black History Month and President’s Day. They are working on summarizing text and finding the main idea. They are also starting to look as suffixes & prefixes.

Second Grade– learning about Alaska and the Iditarod sled dog race from our own “teacher on the trail recipient” Finney. We are studying about paragraph writing and are working on musher reports and Alaskan animal reports. We are celebrating Read Across America Day this Friday with pajama day and a read-in with special guest appearances.

Library- the students have just completed the digital citizenship lessons for each grade level.  These are provided by Common Sense Media and required at each grade level by MCCSC. 

Binford – Kelly Dawson

Third Grade- IRead will begin next week.

Science Fair: expository writing

Math: Fractions, multiple step problem-solving involving all operations

History Poster: focus on presentation of facts-neatness, in preparation for science fair project

Reading: challenging our lexile level for read-to-self celebrating Dr. Seuss with “March Madness Bracketology” and celebrate end of IRead 3 with a Reading Camp-In (Read all-day)

Fourth Grade- Persuasive writing and advertising techniques

-businesses (economic principles, persuasion, accounting)

-Rube Goldberg’s simple machines

-Author’s purpose, & author’s position

-Lotus Fair in March

Fifth Grade– Beginning preparations for their annual musical at the end of March. We are studying economics and supply/demand this week in many of our homerooms.

-Mrs. Dawson’s class has started new reader’s theater

-Mrs. Kelley’s class is doing an awesome project for colonial America

-Mrs. Tamborrino’s class is doing a reading invitation she wrote for a workshop about global literacy about famous women

-Ficko & Dawson are both doing EL wrap up

Sixth Grade– Mrs. Love’s ELA: We’ve just finished our literary study of Milkweed, & we’re getting ready for our research reports.

PE– Mr. Shepherd is beginning to think about and plan for field day. He will keep PTO updated with any support he may need.

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad

Kindergarten registration is open. The numbers are a bit lower than normal, and there were smaller numbers at open house. We’re not worried about it though, and we anticipate 100-120 Kindergarteners next year. Mr. Conrad & Mrs. Anderson are coordinating school picture companies this year, so that both schools will have the same company next year.

Binford – Jennifer Anderson

We are in the middle of ISTEP. Thank you for getting your kids here and on time. We’ve had the least amount of absences and latenesses that we have had in several years. IRead 3 is next week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for 3rd grade only. Next week will be make-ups.

March 10th is the end of the marking period, and also the last day to turn in money for the yearbook at school. There will still be the ability to do it online, after this date, but not at school.

Wednesday after spring break, 3/22/17, from 6-8 PM, Tri-North is having an open house for incoming 6th graders.

Lotus Fair for all 4th graders in MCCSC, and also Harmony, The Project School, and St. Charles will be held at Binford on March 31st.

Committee Reports

Alternate Fundraising Honey Baked Ham – we are working on getting the link, so that spring ham orders can be placed. The PTO will receive 20% of all orders.

Kroger Card – in order for our PTO to receive a percentage of grocery bills, we have to reregister our cards for the program every year.

Brick Fundraiser– We’re going to look into a possible fundraiser to sponsor bricks around the track.

Carnival– Had first committee meeting last week. We met with many of the leads from last year, who agreed to do it again. All the lead positions are full, and we’re all working together, and in contact. We need to figure out spacing in the gym. We won’t have access to the locker room, is there anything else that is going to be a challenge for us? Hallway next to locker room will not be accessible to anyone. The renovations to the gym won’t happen until the summer. We will not be able to use the music room because of all of the instruments, and there’s no real place to store them safely. We need to sit down and figure out locations for events, what we need, possibly move some activities outside, etc. A suggestion was made that maybe we can use long ramps down to the auditorium to store things the week before and day of. As for background checks, they are necessary for someone who wants to volunteer during the school day, but if it’s an event run by the PTO, after school hours, background checks aren’t needed. The next plan is to meet again after spring break.

How do we want to handle scholarships for Carnival? Work with the social workers, see who needs them, and if they’re attending the carnival. Then if they are, provide tickets. We should look at families in the backpack buddies program, and offer it to those families first. Have a ticket at the carnival at the table, like will call.

New Business

Board Slate: Krista, Kelly & Ken all leaving the board. Need to fill slots. Please see the attached slate and let us know if you are interested in helping our PTO.

A motion was made to approve last month’s minutes by Mark Conrad and seconded by Heather Heerssen.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:08 by Kelly Fleming.

Important Dates:

*2/27-3/10 ISTEP written portion needs to be taken between these dates. Final date TBD.

*3/6-3/10 IREAD needs to be taken between these dates. Final date TBD.

3/10 Binford Yearbook orders due

3/10 End of Marking Period

3/13-3/17 Spring Break – No school

3/22 Tri-North open house for incoming 6th graders

3/24 Report cards come home

3/31 Lotus Fair

4/6 PTO Meeting at Binford 6:30 PM, child care provided

4/28 Carnival from 5-8 PM

5/20 Bloomington Lemonade Day

*Please not if you have a 3rd grader, plan Spring Break accordingly, and try to be here during the ISTEP and IREAD windows. If you need to rearrange your students test schedule, please let the teacher know ASAP. Thank you!


PTO Meeting Minutes, February 2, 2017

February 6, 2017  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

February 2, 2017

Binford Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Ken Pattillo, Kylene Nungesser, Heather Short, Jennifer Anderson, Mark Conrad, Ann Ames, Abe Carney, Denny Garl, Crystal Timbrook, Heather Heerssen, Jeff Baldwin

President Kelly Fleming called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM

Jeff Baldwin- B&G Club Executive Director- Lemonade Day on May 20th

  • Gets kids to think about running a business and what is their purpose
  • 737 kids last year
  • Takes kids through a process of developing a business plan
  • Parent led program- $0 cost
  • Get curriculum guide, t-shirt, backpack
  • Registration is open- location is key
  • Kids are encouraged to share a little, spend a little, and save a little
  • $7-12K back to community
  • We could have an advocate from Rogers/Binford and put up Lemonade Day posters on billboard

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Pattillo

Income: Final Proceeds of Noodlefest $6056.31. Will be split among Rogers & Binford. Kroger Cares $811.08, Honey Baked Ham Fundraiser: $165, Box Tops: $669

Expenses: Teacher Appreciation: $171.44

Teacher’s Representative Reports

Rogers – Denny Garl

Kindergarten– working on STAR – narrative writing unit. Also are doing a snow/polar animal unit currently

Math – Working on ways to make 10 & adding up to 10

First GradeMath – We continue to work on expanding our understanding of base 10 and place value. We’re working to identify 10s and ones, to regroup when necessary and to write expanded numbers.

Reading – Doing an Author Study. Reading/writing/comparing Jan Brett books

LA- Working on different classes of words (noun, verb, etc.), and writing stories.

Second Grade

They are planning their field trip with all MCCSC 2nd graders to IU MAC band concert, and this will be an introduction to instruments.

Math – # corner. Every month the theme changes. We use math to talk about the problem of the day.

LA– Gearing up for a unit on Alaska/Iditarod.

Binford – Crystal Timbrook

Third Grade-

Fact and Opinion and Geometry are upcoming ELs

LA – Dr. Seuss study (word choice/figurative language, audience, theme/message) with a March Madness competition to pick a favorite of his books. IU read aloud for Read Across America

Math – Reviewing time concepts during Number Corner

Social Studies – Finish up digital citizenship lessons this month

Health – Looking forward to Fun Fitness Friday coming up at the end of February (2/24), and the end of our Health (Human Body) unit.

Fourth Grade– No report

Fifth Grade

Tamborrino – Multicultural simulation called Neighborhoods, which encompasses social studies, language, writing, and literature. The class simulates a multicultural neighborhood where families from diverse ethnic backgrounds unite in their respect for each other.

With this unit, they are making different ethnic foods to share.

Dawson & FicoRube Goldberg project, also encompassing reading, writing and mathematics.

Kelley – Colonial research project “Sail America”, A study of the 13 original colonies. The project will conclude as an expo of travel brochures, posters, and artifacts, and the students will be dressed in time period clothing, representing all 13 different colonies. It will be held in the cafeteria.

Math – multiplication and division strategies 

Advanced Math – working on area and perimeter of complex figures by decomposing the figures into polygons.

Sixth Grade

Love – We’re starting our literature study of the book “Milkweed” by Jerry Spinelli. This is a WWII era based book, about ghettos in Warsaw, Poland. This book leads up to their WWII studies.

PE– Running club registrations due 2/6/17.

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad

February 6th Kindergarten Registration will begin

February 16th incoming Kindergartner’s Open House at Rogers

Binford – Jennifer Anderson

February 14th, 6th grade is going to the MAC

February 27th Yearbook orders will come out

March 10th Yearbook orders due

ISTEP the window is Feb 27th -March 10th for the written portion

IRead window is March 6th-March 10th.

If you have a 3rd grader, make note of these dates when you are planning your Spring Break, and make all efforts for your child to be here. (Don’t leave early!!) If you absolutely need to, please let the teachers/administrators need to know well in advance, so that we can try to make alternative arrangements. Thank you.

The 6th grade teachers & Special Ed at Binford were nominated for and won the Leading Light Award from the Chamber through the Franklin Initiative. This group recognizes individuals as well as Teacher of the Year. Congratulations!! They were nominated by 7 parents in our school.

Life Skill this month: Responsibility. We will be finishing up with a Responsibility Celebration. Next month’s life skill will be announced next week.

Frisbee golf will begin to be installed next week.

Committee Reports

Carnival- Kristi has been able to find a co-chair in Kristen Konisky. An email has gone out to past and present people to help. There will be a committee meeting at the end of this month. The Carnival will be held on April 28, from 5:00-8:00PM. We need volunteers during the event, and we brain-stormed ideas. Any current MCCSC student does not need a background check. Any IU student or non-MCCSC student will need to complete the check. Ideas of current students who look for community service: SAB, Student Councils, YES (Youth Engagement Service) Club @ Tri-North (Jen Anderson will try to contact), National Honor Society, Baseball team at North, Junior Leaders. Non-MCCSC: Living Learning Center at IU (Crystal Timbrook will try to contact), Education Sorority

We talked about the food (Pizza X), and the bake sale for Carnival.

New Business

Fall Fundraiser Ideas: We discussed ideas for a Fall fundraiser for next year. These included, a Golf Outing, a Read-a-Thon, a Chili-Supper/Noodle Fest, a Mother-Son bowling, and a Father-Daughter Dance (a parent has already volunteered to chair this). We don’t know if we can hold a dance on the new gym floor, until we see what it’s made of and how durable it is to non-tennis shoes. Optional locations: Warehouse? The Read-a-Thon was talked about a little bit more, we discussed that Feb/March are not good months because of testing, and the teachers have too much on their plates at that time. Also, the Read-A-Thon has had business sponsorships in the past. It’s possible that Read-a-thon could be combined with Read Across America. It was also noted that Dare Brown had run it before, and that the new chair should contact her for additional information.

Track Signage: The track signs are finished, and will be installed when the ground is ready to go. We will be billed once they are installed. Money for this is in the Binford account. Once the signage is billed and paid for, the remainder of the Noddlefest money (approximately $6056) will be divided between Binford and Rogers.

A reminder to call before we dig was mentioned.

Board Slate:

We still need people to volunteer for our board. We are losing 3 of our 6 members next year, due to relocation, and children no longer attending the school. Please let us know if you can volunteer with this great group of people.

A motion was made by Kelly Fleming to approve last month’s minutes by and seconded by Heather Short.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 by Kelly Fleming.

Important Dates:

2/6 Running Club Sign-ups Due

2/6 Kindergarten Registration Starts

2/14 6th grade to MAC

2/16 Incoming Kindergarten open house at Rogers

2/16 Roller Skate Night

2/20 No School – unless there’s a snow day

2/21 Noodle and Co. Dine and Donate

2/24 Fun Fitness Friday for 3rd Graders

2/27 Binford Yearbook orders come home

*2/27-3/10 ISTEP written portion needs to be taken between these dates. Final date TBD

*3/6-3/10 IRead needs to be taken between these dates. Final date TBD

3/10 Binford Yearbook orders due

4/28 Carnival from 5-8PM

5/20 Bloomington Lemonade Day

*Please note, if you have a 3rd grader, plan Spring Break accordingly, and try to be here during the ISTEP and IRead windows. If you need to rearrange your students test schedule, please let the teacher know ASAP! Thank you!

PTO Meeting Minutes, January 12, 2017

January 25, 2017  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

January 12, 2017

Rogers Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Ken Pattillo, Kylene Nungesser, Diania Maisonneuve, Heather Short, Crystal Timbrook, Jennifer Anderson, Sara Deckard, Michael O’Connell

President Kelly Fleming called the meeting to order at   6:40 PM

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Pattillo

Income: Noodle fest checks have all come in ($85), we had parents donate for teacher appreciation luncheon ($30), Panera dine and donate check ($33.43), skate night ($165), PizzaX box tops ($150), & Spirit wear income is on there, but payments have not gone out.

Spirit wear did make ~$1,375. We’re looking into doing another spring order.

Expenses: Final food bill, kitchen help and face painting bills were paid for Noodlefest ($924.67). Binford book fair, we paid ~$99 for vouchers to assist students, $97 Teacher’s Appreciation Luncheon, $50 for Mr. Lankford’s petty cash refilled for student assistance for field trips, $477.65 for Jon Wortheim author visit, and our big yearly expense: $10,700 for Gift Cards for teacher’s appreciation luncheon.

Teacher’s Representative Reports

Rogers – Sara Deckard

From the whole staff, a huge thank you for Oliver, it was a great memory making day! Thank you also for the PTO luncheon and gift cards. We’re getting excited for our 100 Day celebration Wednesday, January 25, as long as there are no snow days.

Had a schoolwide convocation about MLK Jr. First & Second graders sang their songs. MLK Jr. Legacy Award went to Lynn Boyle who has brought her service dog in the past 4 years to share with the students.

Kindergarten– Working on their Winter/Penguin unit

Math – different ways of making 10

Writing Unit – working on beginning middle and end of a story, also working on finding details.

Using STAR time to do literacy reading groups

First GradeMath – Working on introducing place values, and doing real world problems. (ex: I have two eggs, and John has 3 eggs. How many eggs do we have all together?) Number Families, and counting mixed change and telling time to the hour and half hour.

Reading – identifying Beginning/Middle/End of stories and working on sequencing. Author study of Jan Brett

LA- working on identifying parts of speech (nouns, verbs & adjectives)

Second Grade Math – we are doing measurement

LA– Moral of the story making predictions, we are also writing about 2017 goals and resolutions. We are learning more about MLK and writing about our own wishes and dreams for the world.

First & Second Grade Music- As part of the MLK Day ON grant our students studied civil rights songs, will be recording, creating a CD, and performing them for the incoming audience at the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre on Jan 16, at 6:00pm! Your children have been working hard to learn some civil rights themed music in honor of this day and this would be a wonderful opportunity to come and hear them sing!

Binford – Crystal Timbrook

Third Grade- Richer students from BHSN (Athletic board) talking about Caring principle

Collecting food for MLK Pay it Forward

LA – figurative language, writing from a different point of view

Math – Multiplication & Division: facts and problem solving

Social Studies – MLK Jr. Making connections to our lives today – how can we learn from history and not repeat it? Theme: courage and bravery.

Health – body systems, making healthy choices. “Fun Fitness Friday” will be held on Feb 24.
We’ll be celebrating the 100
th day of school on Jan 25th. We’re dressing like we’re 100, and with activities based on empathy for older people.

Fourth Grade– We hope to continue to go to the Indiana State Museum for a Field Trip the last week of school. They are starting their annual unit about Abraham Lincoln’s childhood in Indiana. They do play acting, research, and engaging writing. Students write informational texts about his Indiana years, narrative texts about his conflicting interests and responsibilities as a child, and persuasive texts as they learn about his developing ideas about slavery. Lots of connections to LA curriculum in this unit!

Math– focusing on real world problems involving addition and subtraction

Fifth Grade

LA – determine how figurative language adds meaning to a text. Applying knowledge of root words to determine meaning of unknown words, use evidence from the text to support thoughts ideas, and fact from texts. Also working on persuasive writing project

Math – multiplication and division strategies (using long division), and working on problems involving fractions and decimals.

Advanced Math – Geometry and measurement

Sixth Grade

Math – fraction and decimal operations, writing equations, moving to solving algebra equations

Advanced Math – Algebra, Ratios and percents will be next.

Social Studies – We are focusing on Medieval society in Western Europe, the Byzantine Empire in Eastern Europe/Asia, and the Muslim Empire in Eurasia. Then Early American cultures, the Renaissance, and the Age of European Exploration & Conquest, as these cultures collide.

Music – 6th Grade choir practices on Wednesdays from 3:45-5:00. They are building a repertoire of 5-6 songs. We would like to sing at an upcoming PTO meeting. Thank you parents for your continued support of music and its importance in the development of children!

PE– We will start running club in February. Local Lacrosse club will be coming in for the day to give lessons to the 5th & 6th graders.

Art- Third– finishing landscapes; with the standards of space in landscape (fore-, middle- & back- grounds). They are mixing paint to create shades for the different sections dark to light. The landscapes have 3-D houses, trees, roads & other items.

Fourth – making mandala circle art; demonstrating the standard of Radial Symmetry, & applying Tertiary colors.

Fifth– making pictures demonstrating positive and negative space in art. Ask your 5th graders about the concept and how that looks in their artwork.

Sixth – finishing cleaning up their outer space pictures demonstrating color gradation, spherical forms and cylinders. Beginning figure drawing to create a favorite sports figure.

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad


Binford – Jennifer Anderson

Report cards going home tomorrow. They are all finished!

Vocabulary Bee Jan 18, 10-11 in library

Spelling Bee – Jan 20, 1:45-3:00 Auditorium

We were doing a Food Collection Drive for Community Kitchen for Backpack Buddies. Each grade will get what they are collecting and make a “sign” that will say “Binford Pays it Forward”, and take a picture. This drive ties together with the life skills they are working on in January and February.

Dr. David Pillar, principal from Jackson Creek Middle School, and Mr. Craig Fisher, principal from Tri-North Middle School will be coming in on January 20 at 9:30 to talk to 6th graders about going to Middle School, classes, etc. Kids will be separated into two different groups and will go to the appropriate group as to where they are going to middle school.

February 1, all club and group pictures will be taken for the year book.

Children’s Theater is coming in to do “Energy Conservation” play on Feb 2 for two groups: 3rd -4th, & 5th-6th grades.

**We are in need of clothing donations for larger kids. Underwear & socks, pants with elastic waists, sweatshirts and sweatpants. Any and all sizes from Youth M-Youth XL, and 10-14.***

Locker room renovation is starting over spring break. They will be under construction for the remainder of the school year. This will affect some of the flow with the door, so they are working on that right now. A temporary wall will be built from the hallway to gym, and the hallway will be quite narrow. This is the only construction renovation that will take place while the students are in school this year.

Committee Reports

Alternate Fundraising added another skate night Feb 16th, we made $160 dollars at the last one, so we’re doing another. Fresh Fork dine and donate is coming up. Honey Baked Ham raised $165, we will set-up another one for Easter in the spring.

New Business

Board Slate: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming & Ken Pattillo are all leaving the board due to relocations and kids not being in the school anymore. We need to fill the slots, to make for a smooth transition. We will need three new board members next year.

We will be brining in a teacher’s coffee tomorrow morning as thank you for a great semester.

A suggestion for Noodlefest was made that some people don’t like to have to pay for food, if you donate the food too. The thought was that maybe if you donate food, you can get free tickets to eat for Noodlefest.

A motion was made to approve last month’s minutes by Krista Johns and seconded by Kelly Fleming.

The meeting was adjourned at by 7:11 by Kelly Fleming.

Important Dates:

1/16 No School

1/16 1st & 2nd Grade singing in front of Buskirk Chumley

1/18 Binford Vocabulary Bee (10-11 AM in library)

1/20 Dr. Pillar & Mr. Fisher visit Binford (9:30 AM)

1/20 Binford Spelling Bee (1:45-3 PM in auditorium)

1/25 100th Day of School Celebration

2/1 Club and Group pictures for Yearbook

2/2 Children’s Theater to do play “Energy Conservation”

2/16 Roller Skate Night

2/21 Noodle and Co. Dine and Donate

2/24 Fun Fitness Friday for 3rd Graders

PTO Meeting Minutes, November 30, 2017

January 25, 2017  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

November 30, 2016

Binford Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Ken Pattillo, Kylene Nungesser, Denny Garl, Mark Conrad, Heather Heerssen, Ale Carney, Crystal Timbrook, Courtney Ladyman, Lacy Kantor

President Kelly Fleming opened the meeting at 6:34 PM.

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Pattillo

Income: Noodlefest brought in $8,400 net, making ~$6,900 before paying Buffalouies for the food. The $10 Table made $210, the baskets brought in $5,800, the food-at-the-door payment was $1,800.

Other income, we deposited: the Spirit-wear check which was significant ~$4,700, Chick-Fil-A dine & donate was $88, and we also received a Kroger Cares check for $760. Lastly, we had a check from Pizza X Tabs for $150, but that will be on next month’s statement.

Expenses: Noodlefest: Breadsticks from Monroe County Pizza were paid. This year & last year’s directory (which was inadvertently unpaid) were also an expense of $874.

Teacher Representative Reports

Rogers – Denny Garl

On December 22, the whole school is going to see Oliver at Cardinal Theater. Between a generous parent donation, PTO donation, and other money, all of the student body will attend. Students are currently learning some of the songs from the play.

Kindergarten- is working on their ginger bread unit. In reading, they are learning about characters, setting, beginning, middle & end of stories.

First Grade – is working on their pet unit. The classes are collecting dog & cat food, toys, treats, cat litter, hard plastic crates/kennels, clean towels, and spare change. They will be learning about what it means to be a responsible pet owner, & using the collected items for math activities such as sorting by category, graphing, measuring and counting money. The Monroe County Humane Society will be coming to give a presentation. They will be collecting the needed items until December 16th.

Second Grade – is also working on a pet unit. They are doing a fund raiser “Pennies for Pets” to help raise money for pets.

The Literacy coach at Rogers has a request: 3rd grade level books of Oliver for $3.99. She is asking for one copy per classroom, so that they can do a read-aloud before the play. They need 16-17 copies. The board discussed and decided to approve the request from the discretionary fund. Kelly Fleming will order them from PTO funds, and deliver them next week to the school.

Binford – Crystal Timbrook

Third Grade- They are nearing the end of their Penny Harvest. They have been collecting money for a shopping trip to Kroger, so that they can donate needed items to Hoosier Hills Food Bank. They are taking the walking field trip to Kroger to shop/participate on Dec 7.

Writing & Social Studies-They are also beginning preparation for their community fair “Why I Love Bloomington” They will write informational texts & share a place they love and feel connected to. They will also demonstrate working with maps & map parts. It will be held 12/20.

Reading- NF books about map skills, main idea, supporting details, text features

Math- measurement; Number Corner, fractions: identifying and finding equivalent fractions

BHSN Athletic Board students have started coming (1x/month) to teach “RICHER” Principles (life skills on and off the court)

Fourth Grade- Mrs. Weatherbee’s class will be going to Target the first week of December to spend the money they raised at their gently-used book sale to buy toys for a local community organization. Mrs. Hatfield’s class is doing an animal shelter collection in the month of December.

Math- students are working on adding & subtracting fractions.

Reading- focusing on point of view

Writing – Figurative language

Fifth Grade- Is working on genius hour (inquiry projects).

-They are also all participating in acts of kindness throughout December. Each student is challenged every day with doing an act of kindness, and working on giving back to the school community & the community at large.

-One of the classes is going to present their winter-themed reader’s theater to Redbud Hills Retirement Community on Dec 21.

-Many of the 5th Grade class are reading Rookie Bookie in preparation of author Jon Wertheim’s visit Friday, Dec 2nd.

Sixth Grade- They are working on persuasive argument essays. They argue & defend their point. Math- They’re working on ratios as fractions and percents, writing equations, and decimals.

Advanced Math- is working on fractions and algebra.

PE – The 5th & 6th grades finished volleyball tournaments right before break. The 3rd & 4th grades also learned volleyball skills but no games yet. They are more just working on volleying back and forth. They will be working on fitness over the next couple of weeks.

-Mr. Shepherd was awarded a grant for Frisbee golf equipment, so he is working with someone on setting up a small Frisbee golf course.

-Running club will start in February.

Library – A BIG thanks to PTO. The author, Jon Wertheim will be here on Friday 12/2.

Book fair – Dec 5-9. Need volunteers for helping kids find books, and check-out. There is a signup genius link from Mrs. Anderson in an email. Mrs. Hamilton asks that you please contact her if you can help.

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad

MLK Award nomination forms are out, but he hasn’t received any back. They would like to recognize the person in early January. This person embodies the spirit of MLK by giving back to the community, integrity all the other values that MLK stood for.

Mr. Love wrote for and was awarded a grant for the 1st and 2nd graders to record some (4-5) songs about MLK. Once recorded, every kid will get a CD of it. They are working on learning the songs now.

Thank you in advance for the teacher appreciation luncheon. We always enjoy it, and it’s such a nice event. Also, thanks for Noodlefest.

Rogers book fair will be held in the Spring, closer to Carnival, and not at this time.

Binford – Courtney Ladyman 

Binford Book Fair: Dec 5-9. Mrs. Hamilton, librarian at Binford, needs help please contact if you can volunteer. Rogers families will be welcome to attend, since they are not having a book fair at this time, though the books are geared towards 3-6 graders, and may not be the right fit.

Friday Dec 23, no school, unless we have a snow day before then

After Christmas break, construction is set to begin on non-classroom construction. They will be starting on gym floor, & locker rooms. One locker room will remain as a storage area, however it will be renovated; removing shower heads, lockers, toilets, etc. The other locker room will be completely transformed into classrooms & therapy rooms for special needs classes.

Committee Reports

Noodlefest- Office staff was a huge help after the fest for getting the remaining baskets claimed

Worked well:

  • Paying for 2 cooks in the Binford kitchen
  • Having trays from both schools
  • NOT having people donate chili (for multiple reasons: less mess, no breakage, no leftover food in crockpots until the next week, one less thing for people to donate –and then pay to eat!)
  • Ordering food from Jaimie (because then if we didn’t use all of it, it could be returned!)
  • Breadsticks from MCP
  • Arts/Crafts table, Caricature, Face Painting, Cups Game and Cornhole
  • Having IU student volunteers & Rogers/Binford Teacher/Administrator Volunteers
  • Silent Auction: GREAT baskets this year!  High quality and great variety.
  • Sign-up genius for basket themes: worked really well to cut down on the duplicate basket themes
  • HAVING THE CHANCE TO SET UP IN THE GYM at 3:00 and start the event at 5:30: PRICELESS
  • Entertainment in the auditorium was good-Jen Fons was a TREMENDOUS help in arranging that
  • A big shout out to the parents who volunteered for setting up and serving!  We had a GREAT group of people who helped us, and were able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.
  • Shortened amount of time: 2 hours – 2.5 hours is PLENTY of time for this event. 
  • Having it on a Friday seemed like a good idea (especially for parents of the younger kids) and starting it at 5:30 was very helpful for the planners. 
  • Encouraging folks to turn in their baskets early if they need us to finish them for their classrooms.  Later time to turn in ok if the basket is complete. 


  • Not having the directory available really inhibited our email chain  (in the past, I have emailed the room parents directly, and the teachers directly and this time I sent everything to the principals to forward to teachers to then forward to room parents/parents in their classroom)
  • We never know how many people will show up.  It is very difficult to plan an event to feed people if you have no idea if 400, 500, or 735 people will show up. 
  • Despite multiple email messages and notes in the blasts, several people didn’t seem to be getting the information. 
  • Hard to corral the excitement of kids running around (and not trying to lose your tray full of food!) – thought we had enough supervised activities for the kids but a few more things to keep them occupied would be great.
  • Not having adequate numbers of parents who want to volunteer (repeated problem, year after year); also having our high school volunteers bail on their face painting booth at the last minute. 

Recommendations for next year:

  • Put the food payment table in the door way of the cafeteria. They found that many people didn’t realize they had to pay for food, and the food servers didn’t know to check for a stamp. Make it one way in and out of the cafeteria.
  • Have a teacher “lunches/Party’s” for an auction item, as these generally go over big. Teachers who have done this in the past said that the PTO generally attends the actual party & provides the lunch, ice cream, etc. The teacher is there & the host, but doesn’t have to figure out logistics.

New Business

The Spirit wear order has been placed, and we hope to hear back soon on a delivery date. The plan is that they will be delivered before holidays.

A motion to approval the minutes from last month was made by Mark Conrad, seconded by Lacey Kantor.

Meeting was adjourned by Kelly Fleming at 7:03 PM.

Important Dates:

12/5-12/9 Binford Book Fair – Volunteers Needed!

12/7 3rd Grade walking field trip to Kroger

12/15 Skate Night @ Western Skateland 6:30-8:30

12/16 Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – Binford Library

12/16 1st Grade Pet donations due

12/20 3rd Grade “Why I Love Bloomington” Community Fair

12/21 5th Grade class reader’s theater @ Redbud Hills Retirement Community

12/22 Rogers students attend Oliver

12/22 End of 9 week grading period

12/23 No School (if there are no snow days before then)

12/26-1/6 No School – winter break

1/9 School resumes

1/12 PTO Meeting

PTO Meeting Minutes, November 3, 2016

November 14, 2016  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

November 3, 2016

Rogers Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Diania Maisonneuve, Heather Short, Ken Patillo, Kylene Nungesser, Heather Weatherbee, Jennifer Anderson, Mark Conrad, Sara Deckard, Heather Heerssen, Amy Stolberg, Ann Ames, Caree Jent, Lacy Kantor & Aubrey Kantor

President Krista Johns opened the meeting at 6:32 PM by welcoming everyone.

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Patillo

This was a simple accounting month. We have the Welcome Coffee receipts. There was $109.82 in invoices from the last month. A couple of invoices from Noodlefest are starting to show up.

We deposited, cleared & sent all monies associated with the Chess Club to them. We will no longer be processing Chess Club checks. With that completion, checks will no longer be coming through the PTO for any school clubs or organizations.

Teacher Representative Reports

Rogers – Sara Deckard

JoAnn Hutsell, who was a 2nd grade teacher (retired) at Rogers for 25 years passed away 6 months ago. Past students, staff & retried staff donated money, around $650, to purchase a bunch of new books for the library in her name. Look for the ‘In Memoriam’ stickers in your kid’s library books.


They just wrapped up their Fire Safety unit. Each class walked over to Fire Station #4.

Science – Worked on a pumpkin life cycle, counting seeds, measuring, and predicting. They planted seeds in the courtyard, and will watch the pumpkins grow.

STAR – doing vowel practice; finished with short vowels and are starting work on long vowels. Also working on CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words.

Math – working on comparing numbers (greater than, less than), and comparing 2D and 3D shapes. They are also working on objects being inside, outside, between, etc. They are also working on reading & recognizing number words.

Real Men Read program has started. Men from the community come in and read a story to the class. Each member of the class gets a copy of the book to take home with them.

The kids are really enjoying the new playground activities and updates from IU Health Service. They are loving playing with the trucks, diggers, dry erase boards, and many other new items.

First Grade

They are starting to work on their pilgrim unit. Some of the classes just finished publishing their first stories. They wrote personal narratives, and had parents come in for author celebration with the children.

Second Grade

Language Arts – They are working on using context clues and decoding multisyllabic words,

Math – Just finished up unit on telling time. They are working on adding and subtracting using a number line now.

1st and 2nd grade reading clubs are working on poems to read for the Friday November 11th Veteran’s Day assembly.  

Binford – Heather Weatherbee

A big thank you to the PTO from Mrs. Hamilton, librarian. Author Jon Wertheim – is coming to visit both Binford and Childs on Friday, December 2nd. We are currently working out the details. Thank you for sponsoring!!

Third Grade

Writing – working on informational pieces

Reading- Looking at theme and author’s point of view

Math – Working on multiplication and division strategies

Looking forward to the Penny Harvest Celebration taking place in early December

Fourth Grade

Writing- Working on descriptive pieces

Reading – Looking at author’s point of view and figurative language

Math – They are moving on to understanding fractions

Honey Creek visits have finished, and the final Wylie House trips are occurring this week

Mrs. Weatherbee will be holding a book sale next Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, Nov. 9-11, to raise money to purchase toys for underprivileged kids.

Fifth Grade

Writing- Working on figurative language

Reading – comparing & contrasting themes

Math- Advanced class is converting decimals, fractions and percent. Homerooms are working on adding & subtracting fractions

Sixth Grade

Language Arts – Working on argumentative writing and reading Book 2 in the Island series

SS- Learning about Roman People

Science – Learning about energy

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad

First, I’d like to recognize our teacher’s for the job they’ve done first quarter. We really have a solid staff that’s a lot tighter this year. We had an impromptu get together to make a video for a teacher who’s out. It was really neat to see everyone come together and mesh. They’re a great squad so it’s fun to have them all around.

This year we will be sending a nomination form home to parents to nominate for our MLK Legacy award. In the past, teachers and staff have nominated people, but this year we are opening it up to families to nominate people too. Nominee forms will go out in the blast in December, so that we can have everything finalized in January to give the award out.

Cardinal Stage Company is putting on Oliver this year. With multiple different resources and a parent who stepped in and gave a huge chunk of money, we are going to be able to attend as a whole school this year, right before the holidays.

Binford – Jennifer Anderson

Dec 5-9 Book Fair at Binford

Third & Sixth grade CSI test scores will be coming back next week sometime. Mrs. Anderson will be getting the results of the assessment to parents in a letter before Thanksgiving break.

Flu Clinic November 10th is happening for students.

Committee Reports

Noodlefest Update-

It’s happening tomorrow! 5:30-7:30

Food available from 5:30-7:00. Penne pasta, various sauces, Mac & cheese, bread sticks!

5:30-7:15 silent auction -Lots of baskets, really nice baskets, music in auditorium, Caricatures, anonymous bidding, $5 to get in for food

Thank you for all of the people who have signed up to serve food.

Next year, maybe have smaller sized baskets, some of the baskets are worth $300, and one is over $700.

It was asked, “Can we have a systematic way for people to pay for and pick up their basket, so we know who gets what, and that everything is paid for?” We discussed this & have figured out a way to make sure the baskets are not removed from the tables before they are paid for. The baskets will be numbered, making the process easier.

Recycle & more-

We are coordinating extra bins and signage for Noodlefest. Everything we’re using can be recycled, just need to scrape food first. There will be extra large trash cans to put food waste and scraps in, and everything else will be recycled, in theory! We plan on putting gently used school supplies in teachers lounge soon.

New Business

Honeybaked Ham (Nov/Dec fundraiser) – this fundraiser pretty much runs itself. It is an online ordering for gift cards. 20% of Gift Card purchases come back to the school. The gift card can go towards Honeybaked Ham, Turkey, sides, sandwiches, anything there. It is also not a local campaign, so our link can be shared with family & friends from out of state, and if purchased, 20% will still come back to Rogers Binford.

Track Signage – We are looking at getting two different signs, one sign in each of the schools’ colors.  The signs will include Donated by the students of Rogers Binford, distance, & hours of operation. There were two bid options, one was $2500 for signs like we currently have at the school, the other bid was for aluminum signs, and the cost was more like $200. The principals will meet with Krista Johns to make a final decision, but the aluminum signs were looking like the popular choice.

Spirit wear – forms were sent in the blast and also were sent in folders to take home. The spirit wear is all being made locally, and can be turned around in a couple of weeks. This means they can be ready for the holidays to give as gifts.

A question was asked, “Can we get new Binford class t-shirts for all of the 3rd grade students? Possibly an updated one in 5th grade? It’s nice to have one for each student”. We’d also need to have extras with the secretary for students coming in new to school during the year. It was discussed that maybe we can get a sponsor, and each 3rd & 5th grade class would get shirts. “It’s great for school unity, and is good publically to show school pride when we do an awesome field trip”.

Currently, Kindergarten gets one at the beginning of their year. Rogers uses funds out of their Chili fund proceeds or interest income each year to purchase the shirts. They set aside money so that they can be purchased. Rogers uses My Sports Locker to get the K shirts. It was also mentioned that maybe we could get a business to sponsor the t-shirts.

A motion to approve the minutes from last month was made by Caree Jent, and seconded by Heather Heerssen.

The Meeting was adjourned by Krista Johns at 7:15 PM.

Important Dates:

11/4 Noodlefest

11/8 Election Day – No School

11/9-11/11 Mrs. Weatherbee’s book sale

11/10 Flu Shot Clinic for Students

11/11 Rogers Veteran’s Day Celebration

11/21-11/25 Thanksgiving Break – No School

12/1 PTO Meeting 6:30 – Binford Library

12/5-12/9 Binford Book Fair

PTO Meeting Minutes, October 6, 2016

November 14, 2016  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

October 6, 2016

Binford Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Diania Maisonneuve, Heather Short, Ken Patillo, Kylene Nungesser, Heather Heerssen, Denny Garl, Crystal Timbrook, Jen Anderson, Ann Ames, Kristi Chaveas

President Kelly Fleming opened the meeting at 6:35 by welcoming everyone.

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Patillo

There’s a new free QuickBooks system, and Ken decided it didn’t have the functions we needed, so he’s made the treasurer’s report in Excel, so it’s a slightly different format than in previous years.

Fundraisers are in the income category, there are budgeted items in the expenses category. The difference becomes discretionary income in the next year

The current report is for the Fiscal year starting from Aug. 1, 2016 through Oct. 6, 2016. There was $1468 in income, & $9420 in expenses. Most of the expenses were the Chili Supper proceeds from last year that have just been distributed to the principals ($9,108). The rest of the expenses were nickel & dime stuff.

Kelly Fleming brought up that the PTO Board is discussing distributing the Chili Supper proceeds to the principals right away, after the supper, from this year forward, instead of waiting until the following year to do so.

Teacher Representative Reports

Rogers – Denny Garl

Cindy Creek, co-teacher of the Creek-Love multi-age classroom is battling breast cancer. Please keep her in your thoughts as she goes through chemo and recovery. She is out for her treatments, and when all goes well, she plans on returning in January.

All grades are assessing, getting ready for report cards & upcoming conferences


Just finished working on their Farm Unit, and went to Peden Farm. The kids all had a great time, and they barely beat the rain!

Next they’re starting on their Fire Unit, and each class will walk to the 3rd Street Fire Station when they are finished the unit.

First Grade

No report

Second Grade

Science –working on  Air & weather, and some are working on a leaf unit. This unit looks at ‘Why do leaves appear to change color?’, as well as classifying different types of leaves.

Letter Club for Kindergarten and Reading Club for 1st & 2nd grades have started. These are small groups who need extra help, or an extra boost in working on letters and reading, and they meet for ½ hour/day. Important referendum resources pay for literacy coaches, and reading preventionists, so that we can have these programs.

Binford – Crystal Timbrook

Third Grade

ELA – working on Non-fiction text features, finishing up working on asking questions and describing characters. They are getting ready to work on comparing the themes, settings, and plots of stories written by the same author.

Math– Students are using multiplication & division strategies. Not fact memorization but getting to the methods behind it. Use a variety of place value strategies to solve single-digit multiplication problems.

Fourth Grade

Honey Creek and Wylie House Field Trips are getting started; each class goes one at a time. *Please see Principals notes about being a volunteer for these trips, and the steps that need to be taken to go as a chaperone.

ELA – Using text features to gain meaning from text and identify text structure.

Math– Using a variety of place value strategies to solve multi-digit multiplication problems. 

Fifth Grade

Doing Bradford Woods prep for upcoming trip – Wednesday, Oct. 26 – Friday, Oct. 28

ELA– Identify the author’s point of view and compare and contrast stories in the same genera.

Math– Solving real world problems involving the addition and subtraction of fractions, multiplication of fractions, or division of fractions. Using long division, & standard algorithms. They are mastering strategies moving on.

Sixth Grade

Greek Day tomorrow Oct 7. Last couple of weeks this has been the focus of study.

Music –4th grade students (optional) will be participating at Farmer’s Market Nov 5th, @ 9:30AM.

5th Grade is using Legos to learn about sequencing.

Library – Author Visit – John Wertheim, “The Rookie Bookie” looking for a proposal to split it with Childs and is asking for funding from the PTO. ~$1300 if solo, ~$650 if split with Childs. This program will be for 4th & 5th graders unless he can speak to a larger audience, and then it will be expanded to other grades.


Mr. Shepherd said goodbye to his student teacher, Mr. Binford as he finished his teaching rotation, but he will be coming in to celebrate Greek Day, as he was a Binford student, and did Greek Day himself as a student.

Principal’s Report


Oct 18 report cards come home

Oct 28 Roger’s rescheduled picture day

Binford – Jennifer Anderson

Field Trips are underway. Volunteer forms need to be in if parents want to come. This process takes 5-7 days of lead time from the time they are submitted. This background process needs to be completed once per year. To do it, the parents need to go into the school and present your ID to the office. The school pays for this level of ID check.

Picture re-take October 24. Pictures will be going out next week sometime.

Jackie Robinson life skill this month is “Effort”

Last month the life skill was “Problem Solving” – 41 students were nominated last month. Students can nominate each other, and teachers can nominate students, etc.

Oct 18 report cards will come home

Oct 27 is Food Day. Food Day is a celebration of healthy food. IU Health & Ivy Tech culinary group will come in and each student will have the chance to try the foods they prepare. This year’s theme is “Oh my gosh, it’s squash!”. There will be two different types of squash, one sweet and one savory. The students will vote on which recipe they like better. IU Health and Ivy Tech will then see if they can use the recipe and  incorporate it into next year’s school lunches.

Committee Reports

Chili Supper – “Noodlefest” Friday November 4. Determining what the silent auction will be doing. Art or baskets? Need to clarify expectations/dates to turn-in/sign-up sheet, so that teachers know what is needed of the classes to make the auction items.

Directory update – the data entry is all done. We now need to review with teachers & admins to make sure the lists are complete and correct. We will also add the room parent’s names in the coming weeks. Then it will go to print.

Recycling – they have a huge amount of school supplies for the schools that they have earned through recycling. They have to give the supplies out, and need to figure out how/where to disperse it at each school.

Jennifer Jaffe needs clothing donations for Rogers. Anything that will fit K-2. Shoes too.

Costume collection for kids who need them. We will send these needs out in the news blast next week.

New Business

2017 Slate openings

Read-A-Thon – We will be doing this fundraiser again next year.  We need volunteers to run it.

Activities Fair – Robin Hudson is moving & Kara Johnson is moving on to middle school, so we need new chairs.

Please volunteer of help think of people who can!

Coffee donated from PTO for both school’s staffs for end of marking period

We are looking into doing Honey Baked Ham “dine & donate” with gift cards for holiday hams/orders. HBH gives 20% back to the school from gift card sales.

Signs for track – Looking into MCP and other sign companies for adding two signs around the track. The signs will show when the track was established, who donated it, hours of operation, etc. We also need to add a doggy post with bags so people can clean up after their dogs. Deserted dog droppings have increased drastically since the track has been finished, and there’s been a lot of shoe scraping…

Ann Ames is our new website guru. She has updated our PTO website, and gotten it back up to snuff, as it hasn’t been updated in around 3 years. She’s looking to update the look, into a new blog-type format, making it more user friendly. It is linked to our PTO FaceBook page and to Twitter. Our PTO website is also linked from the school’s website.

A motion to approve the minutes was made by Heather Heerssen, and seconded by Kelly Fleming.

Important Dates:

10/18 Report Cards go home

10/24 Binford Picture re-take day

10/26 Dine & Donate @ Panera

10/26-10/28 Bradford Woods – 5th grade

10/27 Food Day

10/28 Rogers Picture Day

11/3 PTO Meeting – 6:30 Rogers Library

11/4 Chili Supper

11/5 Binford music students singing at Farmer’s Market @ 9:30AM

11/8 Election Day – No school

The meeting was adjourned by Kelly Fleming at 7:12PM.

PTO Meeting Minutes, September 8, 2016

September 11, 2016  |  PTO News

Rogers Binford PTO Meeting

September 8, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

Rogers Library

Attendance: Krista Johns, Kelly Fleming, Diania Maisonneuve, Heather Short, Ken Patillo, Kylene Nungesser, Antino Kim, Abe Carney, Ann Ames, Kim Van Lue, Alicia Dickens, Cindy Lee, Heather Heerssen, Jennifer Anderson, Mark Conrad, Jaimie Schwartzman, So Young Yun, Kwang Tae Lee, Monique Morgan, Lao Liu, Dorota Kudla-Ubralieuiu

President Kelly Fleming opened the meeting at 6:37 by welcoming everyone. The board members introduce themselves, & Kelly laid out the agenda, and reminded everyone that there is child care during PTO meetings.

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Patillo

The year-ending May 2016 income & expense statements were handed out. Ken reminded everyone that some things that would seem like income (ie: a fundraiser) may also be in the expense column because there are costs associated with the event. The last page of the packet was the proposed budget for 2016-2017.  Budgeted for this year was all of last year’s ending balance. Excess funds went into the discretionary fund for teacher supply requests & ad hoc requests.  Outreach items, including the school directory, teacher appreciation, student assistance, and welcome coffees were also included in the budget. The Teachers’ Classroom Fund gives teachers gift cards 2 times per year for spending on items they need for the classroom.

A motion was made by Kelly Fleming to approve the budget. All in attendance approved.

Teacher Representative Reports

Rogers – Sara Deckard

Working on beginning of year routines & procedures, friendship & rapport
Conducting benchmark assessments
Literacy- Chicka Chicka Boom unit to emphasize letters and sounds
Math- Number identification, recognizing, writing and counting to 20
Peden Farm Field Trip morning of Friday Sept 30th

First Grade
Language Arts:
1.  Reading comprehension and reading levels
2.  Blending sounds to create words
3.  Writing – Upper/Lower case letters, writing in complete sentences using noun, pronouns, verbs, capitalization, punctuation, spelling

1.   Number Sense: counts, reads, writes numbers to 120 by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s. Also can count on from any given number (example: start at 54 and count by 1’s, start at 70 and count by 5’s, or start at 63 and count by 10’s).
2.  Organizing and reading data from graphs
3.  Fluency with addition/subtraction facts
4.  Solve and create story problems

Second Grade

Assessments for benchmark levels in math & literacy.

Science- We have a cool science program scheduled. In addition to our regular science curriculum Slisa Pokral from The District Where Green Living Begins , will be coming once a month to each class for an hour to do a free presentation about how to take better care of the earth and animals. It will be a different topic each month.


Binford – Crystal Timbrook


  • Busy getting the year started. Lots of community building activities & assessments to learn about our kids as people & students.
  • New math curriculum to explore & learn. This program takes a very hand on approach to learning math concepts & utilizes lots of math games & learning stations

Third Grade

  • Main idea, text features, fluency
  • Enjoying exploring new math curriculum & learning new routines & approaches to thinking about math concepts

Fourth Grade

  • We’ve been working on fluency, expository text features, text structures, personal narratives, & multiplication facts.
  • We’re wrapping up our first math unit in Bridges, and we started Number Corner this month. This is a math problem that builds upon itself every day of the month. A more grown up version of Calendar time in the lower grades.
  • We’ve scheduled our Honey Creek trips for October/November.
  • Author Scott Russell Sanders will soon visit two classrooms to help students learn about Indiana history through his picture books.
  • We’re all hoping to schedule our walking field trip to Wylie House soon.

Fifth Grade

  • Science: Bottle Rockets launch next week
  • Social Studies: States & Capitals
  • Reading: Fluency
  • Writing: personal narratives
  • Math: Factors, multiples, area & volume
  • Bradford Woods – October 26-28

Sixth Grade

  • October 7th – hosting their 6th annual Greek Day Celebration. This event will be a daylong reenactment in celebration of the students’ research & September study of the culture of Ancient Greece. The students will play the roles of ancient Greeks in several different scenarios and simulations throughout the course of the day’s celebration. Students will dress to match the Greek clothing they will be learning about in History Class, & creating.


Thanks to funding and profits from our two Book Fairs, the kids are enjoying lots of new books this year!


  • 3rd: Students are creating art with geometric and organic shapes. Their next standard is VALUE with color. We will change blue to lighter values in an ocean picture.
  • 4th: Students are creating #D forms (rectangular prisms & cylinders) with VALUE created with pencil shading in a landscape picture. The next project will be creating VALUE with paint.
  • 5th: VALUE is investigated by creating Tint, Tone & Shade with paint
  • 6th: VALUE is investigated through the skill of pencil Gradation. The gradual lights and darks create the illusion of 3 dimensional art.


  • Wednesday, September 21st, 6th grade choir starting after school. Note going home late this week & early next week.
    • Some of theses choir members will be performing in 2 performances of the children’s opera “Brundibar” composed & rearranged during WWII in Germany
  • Saturday, November 5, Interested MCCSC 4th Graders are performing at the Farmer’s Market. This is a district-wide event arranged by our elementary music teacher PLC
  • The Music Room is receiving a new Roland piano through the generous donation of the Narducci Family. There will be a plaque honoring Sandy Hertling (Heather’s mom & previous wonderful music teacher at Binford)
  • Recorders for 4th graders will soon be resounding at Binford! Note to go home with 4th graders next week.


We have a student teacher, Aaron Binford this year. He is a past student from Binford, & will be here for 8 weeks.

Principal’s Report

Rogers – Mark Conrad

Enrollment is up to ~380 students, which is the highest in his 10 years.  There are some new teachers in the building: Jessica Lowry & Jennifer Walker are both 1st grade teachers, Dawn Kalis is teaching music part-time, and Catherine Lopez is the new librarian.

Friday, Sept 16, 50+ workers from IU’s Day of Service will be on the grounds building Active Play Stations. This will give the students an opportunity to have more options during recess.

Monday, Sept 26 is Rogers picture day

Thursday, Sept 29 is 1st Grade Vision Testing

2nd graders who have been identified to be high ability will be tested NWEA program. If your child has been identified, there will be a letter sent home. If not, don’t worry, you still have great kids!

Binford – Jennifer Anderson

New principal to Binford, glad to be back after being assistant principal 2 years ago at Binford, and coming over from Tri-North as assistant principal there. Her kids went to Binford as well, so she feels like she’s back home.

Strings is starting up next week.

Friday, September 9 is picture day, 3rd graders will be first, so that they can have their pictures before recess!

NWEA testing for 4th & 5th graders coming up, IN-VIEW for 3rd & 6th graders will be at the end of September (26-30).

There are some renovations & additions taking place at Binford. There will be a new elevator installed at the school. The gym’s floor and bleachers will be repaired and renewed. They are working on making a special education suite in the school.

Committee Reports

Chess Club- PTO used to handle the money for the after school accounts of the Chess Club. We will no longer be handling their money.

Also, any out-of-school club, volunteer or for profit, moving forward, using school rooms will have to carry insurance and will be charged a facility use fee of $28/hour for classrooms. Gym fees are different, but the gym is already booked for the year. Organizations such as 503c’s may have a different fee, or fees waived.

Outdoor Track Update – Track fundraiser raised $54,000, of which ~$11,000 is left. This is not included in the budget, but is left in a separate account with the school, and will be used for track beautification, & upkeep, as well as adding signage to indicate when the track is open to the public (not during school hours, for the students’ safety), benches and completing the final pieces. IU will also be donating 2 benches for the track.

Chili Supper Update – November 4th is the supper. The committee is hard at work. Sign-ups for volunteers will be out in the near future. In the past, there has been a silent auction, that the individual classes put together baskets for, and there have been hot dogs, & macaroni & cheese in addition to chili.

We will need volunteers for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, and Recycling in the future.

PTO meetings are 1x/month, on the first Thursday @ 6:30 PM. One hour of child care is provided!

Important Dates:

Sept 20th: Dine & Donate – Chick-Fil-A

Sept 21st: 6th grade choir begins

Sept 26th : Rogers Picture Day

Sept 26th-30th: 3rd & 6th Grade In-View Assessments

Sept 29th: 1st grade vision testing

Sept 30: Kindergarten to Peden Farm

Oct 6th: PTO Meeting at Binford Library

Oct 7th: 6th grade Greek Day Celebration

Oct 7th: End of 9 week grading period

Oct 10-11: Fall Break


Meeting was adjourned at 7:02 PM